If you don’t know how to add sources, please go here for the turorial. If you are still on 1.1.4 looking for more sources go here. If you know of a source that is not here, then you can email it to me at

Installer 4 Sources

Community Sources:

Other Sources:
A27 Dev:
MCI II: (cracked apps)
iClarified: (make sure to include capital “C”)
Hackintosh: (has had many bugs in the past)
The App Place:
Porno:  (not what you think it is)

Cydia sources are on the way. Saurik is much better than Rip-Dev at hosting your source to the world through the “changes” so their arent many sources not know of because everyone knows how good he is at adding your source. Installer is still in beta so adding all of these sources is not a good idea, add only the ones you need for now, an actual Installer release is due soon.


97 Responses to “Sources”

  1. fizz Says: has apparently changed to

  2. ec Says:

    i can’t find AgileMessenger in
    what’s problem? :cry:

  3. jazz gunner Says:

    thanks man !

  4. adi Says:

    Well, this Installer 4 is just a fiasco, error after error…

  5. jazz gunner Says:


    Try IM+messenger from the apple app store works well.

  6. Jon Says:

    if your on 2.x then you wont see it.. there are many app store options but no jailbroken options yet.

  7. pikey Says:

    hi there,

    i really want to install iSlsk, i think i have installer 4 and the newest cydia but im not sure how to put it on, could i have some help?


  8. xdark Says:

    hey! did some one help you with this? … i have the same error :cry:

  9. xdark Says:

    you know aloott! could you help me?? every time i donw load books it does not work … do you know what im missing ???

  10. Martin Says:


    Which of the sources do I have to add in order to install msn messenger and some games (eg. labyrinth, poker etc). How do I know which source match up to what I request?

  11. Martin Says:

    The question might seem a bit stupid for some of you but I’m a beginner (just got my iphone 2g some days ago) and I would really appreciate some help :)


  12. edward Says:

    I everyone, I need some help… I wanted to install wetool package under installer 4 source. i had tried other sources but it says unable to decode package. and got to know from someone that installer 3 sources package is not suitable for installer 4.. :sad: help….


  13. zach Says:

    which source is the one for the orb application, i cant find it anywhere and its really making me angry.

  14. adi Says:

    People, just stay away from INSTALLER 4, it’s full of bugs…

  15. Martin Says:

    Which source can i find Jiggles? :

  16. Jon Says:

    if you are on FW 2.1 it is not yet availalbe.

  17. silky Says:

    i cant find any source on my phone
    no games nthg att all
    can someone help pls urgent

  18. Tracer Says:

    Can’t add

    Is it down?….

  19. trabieso Says:

    hey i cu know alot. my question is how can i install the update to my ipodtouchoh n how can i put apps on it. im new to this. try it 1st but it said refresh fail. am i doing some thing wrong?

  20. jimmy Says:

    hey i had an APP on the iphone called (Smart or smarti) i think and it was like a youtube, cant find it any more. does any one else know where it is ?

  21. franco Says:

    :lol: esta bueno eh!!!

  22. estrada Says:

    I looking for agilemobile i have installer,,and cydia, but i can find it…

  23. jake Says:

    which of the sources do i have to add in installer so then i could download fwchanger….? :?:

  24. umbra Says:

    can anybody help me……pls
    i try to install additional sources in my iphone, but every time it says unable to decode and then it says to put valid source URL.
    What do I do?
    help please

  25. greg Says:

    hi guys how do i download jamengo to my phone source is invalid

  26. lol Says:

    [suppressed] is a “turorial”, you illiterate [supressed]?

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  39. Haloo Says:

    do I download counter strike on my iPhone

  40. Jeff Says:

    does anyone know sources for vwallpaper. other than danstaface

  41. chintan Says:

    hi to all,

    this stuff work for iphone 3g 3.0.1

    thank u

  42. rupesh Says:

    do u have this game for Nexus one ??

  43. thomas Says:

    did you download classics

  44. binu Says:

    How to remove 91 mobile panda from iphone 4. My phone is jailbreaked. But i cant remove this application…could you please help me…

  45. binu Says:

    What is the best video player for iphone 4. AVplayer or vlc?please help me

  46. Aegides Says:

    xsellize and ihacksrepo does the job, rest are mehhhh

  47. Zebadee Lafayette Rankin Says:

    Hey, My middle name is Lafayette :o

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