Apr 23

Rolocule Games is developing rolomotion. Rolomotion is a technology that uses the gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer in the iPhone to precisely track its various movements and allows users to play games using natural motion gestures on television. It makes the Apple TV a complete portable living room console using iPhone. The first title to use rolomotion is an in-house tennis game Rolocule hopes to ship by mid May. Check out the movie after the break. » Rolomotion: Turn Your iPhone And Apple TV Into A Gaming Console

Apr 22

Epic 10,000 iPhone 5 Domino falling neatly in patterns. These CG iPhones’ feature NFC (Near Field Communications) concept that enable content to be passed on from one iPhone screen to another. This iPhone video is imagined as an advertisement for the iPhone 5 concept feature of NFC. If iPhone 5S comes with the NFC feature, this could be a pretty neat iPhone commercial.

Apr 22

According to the Taipei based China Business Journal, 8 million iPhones were returned from Apple to Foxconn on March 15 because they were either malfunctioning or didn’t meet Apple’s standards in terms of appearance. According to the report it will cost Hon Hai 1 billion (US$161.8 million) to 1.6 billion Chinese yuan to repair the defective iPhones. » Apple Returned 8 Million Malfunctioning iPhones to Foxconn

Apr 21

Japanese design-house MUJI has created a new splash-proof “not waterproof” Portable speaker for Smartphone that can interact with any type of touch panel with wet hands, you can not only playback music, but also type emails and search internet. The speaker can be used in either landscape or portrait positioning. Enjoy quality sound while cooking and bath time. Compact and easy to carry. » Splash-Proof Smartphone Speaker by MUJI

Apr 19

Join Om Nom as he travels back in time to feed his ancestors with candy. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a completely new adventure filled with time-traveling, candy-crunching, physics-based action! With two cute monsters to feed in each level, Cut the Rope: Time Travel is twice the fun but familiar to play. If you like Cut the Rope, you’ll love Cut the Rope: Time Travel! » Cut The Rope: Time Travel Released On iOS

Apr 19

Case manufacturer Tactus shares a photo of what is said to be the rear shell of Apple’s rumored lower-cost iPhone. In line with previous rumors, the part appears to be manufactured from plastic. The low-cost iPhone design will be similar to the iPod classic with a flat back and curved edges, as well as a shift to elongated volume buttons along the left side. » Picture Of Lower-Cost iPhone’s Plastic Rear Shell Surfaces?

Apr 18

Funny Or Die’s Steve Jobs movie “iSteve” has now been released online. The movie stars Justin Long as Steve Jobs and Lost‘s Jorge Garcia as Steve Wozniak. This movie made by the humor site FunnyOrDie.com, runs nearly 80 minutes long and is the longest video produced by them. Please don’t take it to serious since it is made by a humor site and the film was written in three days and filmed in five. » iSteve: Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs Movie Now Available Online

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