Mar 06

In a previous post we told you that it was most likely that the iPad will be launched on 26 March. Now Apple has announced the real iPad launch date, 3 April will be the date that the iPad will be available in the US and on March 12 you can pre-order via » iPad Launch Not 26 March But 3 April

Mar 04

The change that the iPad will officially be available for purchase on the 26th this month is pretty big, according to a Apple store manager in California. The Apple Retail Store staff can already use the iPad on the 10th this month, so they can train and learn about the iPad. The TV commercials will be on the air on the 15th this month “in the VS only”.

» iPad Available In Store 26 March?

Feb 13

hulu logoHulu is the second most large video site on the web. And it would be perfect to watch your favourite TV shows on your iPad just by launching Hulu right? There is just one problem, the iPad doesn’t support flash, and all of Hulu’s videos currently run inside a Flash player. » Hulu Will Be Launched On The iPad With Or Without Flash

Feb 12

bill_gates_tablet_pcWe all know Bill Gates, without him the computer business wouldn’t have been this big. But what does Bill Gates thinks of the products his rival Steve Jobs creates. He liked the iPhone but does he like the iPad? » Bill Gates, iPad Not That Big Of A Deal

Jan 08

dell slate 3
A lot of tablet “slates” are shown at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. They all have multitouch and look the same. Till now HP, Dell, Compal, Archos, Pegatron and Freescale introduced a tablet, and none of them announced the release date or price. However the slate concept Dell introduced looks a lot like a big iPod Touch and could be interesting. » Dell Slate, A Big Ipod Touch? [CES]

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