Apr 09

More than a week ago, we told you that a japanese news crew asked a Foxconn HR/parking lot attendant about the release date of the upcoming iPhone 5. The Japanese news crew was told that the iPhone was coming in June? But now an other HR is saying something totally different… » New Trend: Ask Foxconn Employees About The iPhone 5 Release Date

Mar 25

Some reports have suggested the next iPhone will have a 4.6-inch display. A new report, from iMore, claims the new iPhone will just have the same 3.5-inch screen as all previous iPhone models. They do expect 4G LTE, just like the new iPad. » Rumor: Next Gen iPhone Has LTE and Launches This Fall

Mar 22

Reuters relays a South Korean newspaper’s claims that the next iPhone will get a larger screen. Nothing really new about that, but it is surprising to hear the screen will be a 4.6-inch display. Rather persistent rumors have suggested the next iPhone would definitely get a larger display, but more in the 4″ range. A 4.6″ screen would be significantly larger. » New Rumor Suggests Next iPhone Will Get 4.6″ Screen

Mar 04

iPad 3
MIC Gadget has been able to get its hands on the rumored parts for the iPad 3 Front Glass, Rear Shell, and 3rd party cases, which can be seen in a nice overview video after the break. The video shows the iPad 3 exterior assembled, but no internal parts. » iPad 3 Parts Put Together

Mar 01

Two days ago Apple started sending invitations for the Apple Event on Wednesday, March 7, and the image of the iPad Apple used for the invitation didnt show a Home Button. Because of that people started to think that there will no homebutton on the next gen iPad. This is highly unlikely since all leaked iPad 3 parts show a homebutton and today they are shown by these digitizers on Fix-iPhones.com today. » Images Of iPad 3 Digitizer & HomeButton

Feb 21

MICGadget created a roundup post about the iPad 3 rumors and posted these interesting side by side photos of the iPad 2 casing and what is believed to be the new iPad 3 back. » Side by Side Photos Of iPad 2 & iPad 3 Casing

Feb 20

Some intriguing photos has been discovered on a Chinese forum of an apparent iPad Retina Display production line. “The forum posting contains some blurry spy shots of what it is calling the iPad 3 2048 x 1536 display, but perhaps more interestingly, has a photo of packed up Retina Displays.” The forum post also claims these Retina Displays are made by Samsung and the plant is located in the¬†Wujiang City, Radiant Opto-Electronics LCM sector. You can find more spy photos and information after the break. » Spy Photos of Samsung iPad 3 Retina Display Production

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