Mar 12

iphone os 4.0 multitaskingAppleInsider reported that they heard from reliable sources to expect multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0. We heard it before but this time AppleInsider is pretty sure. If this is true, we iPhone users finally get something we asked for. Unfortunately iPhone OS 4.0 is still far away from completion and we have to wait till summer.

» iPhone OS 4.0 Includes Multitasking Support

Feb 10

iResQ got some iPhone 4G parts in their shop, including some nice pictures that maybe shows some important details of the next gen iPhone. These photos shows us the outside of the iPhone that looks slightly different then his predecessors. » 4G iPhone Parts Details

Jan 26

500x_mac-tablet-concept-2The iTablet: will Apple launch it or not? That’s a question that’s been floating around the web for many years. Yes years, because back in 2001 the first rumours about a so called iPad started to show up. After those first rumours, the buzz around an Apple Tablet device was often quiet as well. And then, suddenly, new rumours showed up. This went on and on for many years, but the year 2009 must have been the most fruitful year when it comes to rumours about this now mythical device. Here’s an overview of the Apple Tablet rumours throughout the years. » It Began In 2001, But It Will Really Start In 2010 [Full Report]

Jan 22

iphone-os-4.0It is almost that day, the day that Apple will show us what we get in Firmware OS 4.0. Boygeniusreport “claims” they have received information from a source about iPhone OS 4.0. Unfortunately they said it will only be available for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. » iPhone OS 4.0 Report

Dec 30

500x_mac-tablet-concept-2With the revelation that Apple had acquired the domain and iSlate trademarks, it seemed clear to us that iSlate was the likely name for Apple’s upcoming tablet computer. While we agree with skeptics that these historic actions can’t prove Apple’s intent to follow through, we still think they are a very clear signal. » More Discoveries About Possible Apple Tablet Name: “iGuide”

Dec 24

iphone-4g-cameraAccording to new rumors it is very likely the next generation, released next year, will have a 5 megapixel camera. OmniVision Technologies is said to produce around 20 million 5-megapixel sensors for the iPhone and next year it will be be even more: 40 to 45 million pieces. » “Next iPhone Has 5 Megapixel Camera”

Dec 15


BoyGenius points to some sketchy evidence found in their browser logs that seems to suggest iPhone OS 3.1.3 and 4.0 are being used in the wild.

» iPhone OS 3.1.3 And OS 4.0 Used In The Wild?

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