Aug 06

fourth gen iPod Touch facetime
Like always, after the release of a new iPhone its time for a next gen iPod Touch. But what can we expect? Well the first rumors are taking over the internet already, Macrumors uploaded some pictures of what should be the front LCD of the upcoming iPod Touch. When you take a closer look you will notice a small hole on the top that would leave room for a front-facing FaceTime camera. But because there is no Phone App on the iPod Touch, how can you make FaceTime calls? Well according to Boy Genius Report the FaceTime app on the iPod Touch will look for a registered email address. » Rumor: Next Gen iPod Touch To Include Front Facing Camera For FaceTime

Jun 05

People have noticed a change in the account description on the Account Status preferences pane of MobileMe “Apple’s push and sync solution”. Because of the subscriber name change from “Individual” to “Full Member” people now believe there is a chance Apple will create a “Free Member” option. Its little information to go on, but who knows what Steve has in store for us on the WWDC keynote on June 7th. » MobileMe Gonna Be Free?

Apr 18


Earlier today we posted some pictures of the possible iPhone G4/HD, but it turned out to be a Japanese knock-off. Engadget found out after a reader posted another image of the device which is claimed to have been purchased in Japan. A reader of Macrumors also posted some images from a Chinese website WeiPhone , which looks identical to the one we showed you earlier today. Some extra pictures after the break. UPDATE: Engadget already changed his mind, its not a Japanese Knock-off, it’s the real deal! Read more about it after the break.

» UPDATED: iPhone G4/HD Photos Turned Out To Be A Japanese Knock-Off! Or Not?

Apr 18

iphone HD 2

Engadget received some photos from a guy who “found” this phone in a San Jose bar, inside an iPhone 3G case. But what is it, could it be the iPhone 4G (HD)? Unfortunately all we got right now are these pictures. It apparently has a front facing camera with 80GB of storage and isn’t booting at this point. Maybe it’s a prototype of the next gen iPhone or could it be a Chinese knockoff? Anyway Engadget would like to know more about it but the guy who found it is looking to get cash in exchange for hands on time. What do you guys think. Real or Fake? More photos after the break. » Pictures Of The iPhone HD?

Apr 17

AT&T iPhone LaunchWe all talk about it, when will the next gen iPhone arrive? Well Boy Genius Report has received multiple reports from AT&T sources that the carrier has now put a block on employees taking vacations in June. This could only mean one thing, a new iPhone launch! » AT&T Blocks June Vacations, iPhone 4G Launch!

Apr 15

iphone_4G_ shell_500
received some photos claiming to be the back cover of the next gen iPhone “4G?”. These photos also show that its a 64 GB model with a more “boxy” look than the current iPhones. The quality of these photos are not that high so we cant say anything for sure, but it looks like it got a Aluminum Back. What do you think, Real or Fake? » Next Gen iPhone Will Get An Aluminum Back?

Mar 29

iphone 4g screenSmart Phone Medic has created a movie where they show the screen part of the new iPhone “4G”. It shows a bigger screen than the previous iPhones and a whole which could be for the front camera. Smart Phone Medic cant guarantee that the next gen iPhone will indeed look like this so remember we don’t know anything for sure, but it looks promising. » iPhone 4G: Bigger Screen & Front Facing Camera

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