Dec 12

Today pod2g announced on twitter that he has an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4, running iOS 5.0.1. and said “Feel free to update”. A view days ago he already released a teaser video of an untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak and now it looks like he worked out “most” of the bugs. But there is no word on when it will be released to public. You can check out the video of a untethered iOS 5.0.1 jailbreak after the break. » Untethered iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak For iPhone 4 Announced

Dec 02

Yesterday we already posted a video of Robin Williams making fun of Siri, and now Colbert is talking about Siri and how Siri can not find an abortion clinic in New York City. After the break is a 60 seconds trailer of the 30 November Colbert Report. » Colbert Talking About Siri

Nov 29

Apple just dropped iOS 5.1 beta 1 to developers. At a first glance the only new feature is dictation support in text input views. Other than that, they have probably fixed the battery issue but we can not confirm that at the moment. In the iTunes Match settings there is now a “Use Cellular Data” option to sync iTunes Match music. And in the screenshot below, there is a new “geofencing” setting to reportedly stop battery drain in the Reminders app when not in use. » Apple Drops iOS 5.1 Beta 1

Nov 27

These days a lot of developers are working with the Siri Proxy Server to control their household items such as their TV or Car. But now the same bit of engineering has been exploited to enable voice control of third-party applications. In this example, FastPdfKit Reader is manipulated by various commands with SiriProxy acting in the middle. Check out the first third-party app using this voice control in the video after the break. » SiriProxy Enables Voice Control Of Third-Party Apps

Nov 27

Earlier we already posted a video of Siri as a remote to start your car. Now it can help you watch tv. The developer makes use of the Proxy Server we talked about earlier, with a Plex command line interface allows the developer, above, to start movies almost immediately. » Using Siri Proxy To Watch Videos On Plex

Nov 24

In the above video you can see a Viper Control plugin with plamonis Siri Proxy to start and stop my Viper SmartStart enabled vehicle. The command is sent from Siri to a Viper server, then relayed via cellular connection to the car. The car then broadcasts an update via RF to the key chain remote. » Start Your Car Using Siri & Proxy

Nov 21

9to5mac reported that t. Louis developer¬†@plamoni has figured out how to run a proxy server on his computer to fool Siri into thinking it is talking to Apples servers. A demonstration of a proxy for Siri can be seen above. “It allows me to control my thermostat when I am at home. Does not require a jailbreak or anything, since it is all going on off the device.” » Developer Creates Proxy Server To Control Any Device Via Siri

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