Jun 14

Applenapps is testing the new iOS 5 beta to find new features and found out that it allows multiple app downloads simultaneously. First when you hit the “update all” button from the App Store, one app will be downloaded while the other apps are waiting till it is fully downloaded. “Now, when you download new apps from the App Store, there is no longer any apps waiting. When you download apps in iTunes on your computer, the program allows for simultaneous downloads, and now that functionality is going to be extended to iOS 5.” » iOS 5 Allows Multiple App Downloads Simultaneously

Jun 11

UISettings for iOS 5 is available for download in Cydia, and is the first third party widget for the Notification Center in iOS 5. a feature that aggregates all the notifications in one place and can be easily accessed by swiping down from the top. The widget requires a jailbreak and is called UISettings which is basically a neat replacement for SBSettings with quick on and off toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, Respring etc. » UISettings: iOS 5 Notification Center Widget Released

Jun 10

While listening to your music in the iPad’s terrific new Music app, you can swipe left or right on the album art to skip between tracks. Now you now longer have to tap to display the controls and navigate between tracks using the little buttons in the corner. » Swipe to Skip Tracks in iPad’s New Music App [iOS 5]

Jun 06

We have seen some amazing iOS 5 video concepts , but will Apple manage to keep the magic alive with iOS 5. We will know for sure in just a few hours, but according to this Exclusive Preview video, iOS 5 makes the iPad even more magical. You can check the movie after the break. » Exclusive Preview On iOS 5

Jun 05

In the movie above you can see a iOS 5 Dynamic Icon Concept. Users have the option of turning on these “dynamic icons” by going to the Settings. Icons are granted the ability to change their appearance given a variety of push notifications. In turn, once the notification badge is pushed, a new icon file is displayed. These icons can have text (albeit small, but legible text due to the Retina Display), images, a mixture of the two, or something constantly changing (but based on an internal source, not using cellular data — a la Clock app that displays time). » iOS 5 Dynamic Icons Concept

May 30

Apple will unveil the most advanced operating system for mobile phones, iOS 5. In the meantime Federico BiancoCreated a Apple-style slideshow presentation of a iOS 5 concept. The presentation simulates all the features we will get ( or want to have ) in iOS 5. You can check his presentation here. » Apple-Style iOS 5 Slideshow Concept

May 23

Above you can see a new concept video which brings a new spin on iOS 5 multitasking. The video illustrates a quicker way to switch between apps, similar to Full Screen Switching seen in Mac OS X Lion.

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