Aug 03

iOS 4.1 Beta 3
Only 5 days after Apple released iOS 4.1 Beta 2, Apple already released Beta 3 for developers. There is not much known about new features in this new Beta, all we know now is that there is actually something removed. The Game Center isn’t any longer available in the older iDevices “iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G”, probably because of some performance issues. The reason Apple released Beta 3 only 5 days after the release of Beta 2 can be that Apple is almost ready to release iOS 4.1 to the public very soon.

Aug 02

FaceTime is only possible over Wi-Fi because Apple and AT&T didn’t allow us to make FaceTime calls over 3G network. But thanks to My3G we now can make FaceTime calls over 3G network. My3G makes apps believe that they are on WiFi instead of 3G, thanks to this little tweak the FaceTime app also thinks you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot while you actually use your 3G network. This way you can make FaceTime calls anytime you want and you are not depended to Wi-Fi hotpots anymore. You can get My3G in the Cydia store via the ModMyi repo.

Jul 28

Apple just made iOS 4.1 Beta 2 available for the developers, just 2 weeks after the release of Beta 1. There is not much knows about new function, fixes etc yet except that Apple added GKvoice “VoIP for Game Kit” they also made some address book changes. We will keep you informed about interesting features, fixes or bugs.

Jul 27

Above you can see a speed comparison between the last 4 iPhone models to show you how much the iPhone has been improved in the last couple of years. The iPhone 2G is running on firmware 3.1.3, the 3G on 3.1.2, the 3GS 4.01 and the iPhone 4 was running 4.0.

Jul 17

After the press conference at 16 July, at 10 am PT, we all would like to know more about the iPhone 4 issues right? Well here is what Steve told us. First of all, what did Steve said about the proximity sensor issues? Simple, he said they can and will fix this in the next software update “he did not say when this update will be released”. Good news till so far right? That’s one problem solved but what about the antenna issue? Well Steve said there is no such thing as a perfect phone, there will always be some problems. According to Steve only 0.55 percent of iPhone 4 users have contacted AppleCare regarding antenna or reception issues, so there will be no recall. The only thing Apple can offer is a free case for your iPhone 4 device, to apply for a free case go to Apples website late next week.

Jul 16

iOS 4.1 for developers
Apple has just released a new iOS beta for developers, the first beta of iOS 4.1. They also released the software development kit (SDK) to all developers. There is not known what kind of changes or new features has been added to iOS 4 or the SDK, so if you are a developer please let us know what new features, bug fixes, etc you noticed.

Jul 15

We just told you that PlanetBeing successfully unlocked the iPhone 4. Today he uploaded a movie to YouTube where he is showing the unlocked device and explains how they managed to unlock it. They are still working on improving the unlock because now it still takes 5 minutes to unlock a device. You also need a jailbroken iDevice before you can unlock, so we also need to wait for iOS 4 jailbreak but at this point Comex is working on a jailbreak for iOS4. At least we now know it is possible to jailbreak and unlock iOS4 and the iPhone 4, we just have to wait for the public release.

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