Feb 23

Microsoft Office for iPad
Back in November, The Daily initially uncovered the existence of an iPad version of the Microsoft Office Suite. Sources now say that the app will soon be submitted to Apple for approval. The Daily reported that a brief hands-on with a working prototype of the software revealed a number of new things. » Microsoft Office For iPad Coming Soon?

Jul 02

If you are guilty of skipping computer history class, here is an exhaustingly lengthy Infographic from Manolution that can help you catch up. It sums up in detail the story behind the two biggest names in the industry: Microsoft and Apple, from their inception to today. Check Out the infographic after the break. » The History of Computing: Microsoft vs Apple [infographic]

Apr 11

Creative Suite 5.5, Adobe has also announced the Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit that allows developers to create mobile and tablet applications that interact with Adobe Photoshop CS5. As an example, Adobe has developed three initial Photoshop CS5 companian apps for the Apple iPad. The apps will be priced from $1.99 to $4.99 and will be available in early May. They include: » Adobe Introduces Photoshop Touch SDK & 3 iPad Photoshop Apps For

Jan 30

Following months of research and development, Amnesia Razorfish has replaced the typical ‘send and receive’ interface with a more natural ‘gesture-based’ interface. A smartphone owner can now move their content freely between two devices by simply dragging content off their phone onto a Microsoft Surface Table and back onto another device instantly. » Amnesia Connect: Connect Microsoft Surface Table With iDevices!

Oct 11

Microsoft put the Angry Birds icon in a commercial without asking permission of the developer and without even knowing if Rovio Mobile “the developer of Angry Birds” will create a Windows Phone 7 version of Angry Birds. Rovio is mad and published a tweet yesterday saying: We have NOT committed to doing a Windows Phone 7 version. Microsoft put the Angry Birds icon on their site without our permission. » Developer Of Angry Birds Mad At Microsoft

Sep 23

This is a comparison of iPhone with Windows Phone 7. We talk about the interfaces of both and how they differ. Windows Phone 7 uses a Start screen as its launcher where you can place a variety of live tiles. The iPhone is very application-centric. We also talk about how Windows Phone 7 doesn’t do fast app switching, while the iPhone does.

Sep 17

Alright, most people wouldn’t try this out and it look like a joke, but it is possible. So if you are one of the view people in the world who would like to run “the old” Windows 95, 3.1 on your high tech iPad, check the tutorial movie above and learn how to install Windows on you iPad using the open-source Bochs emulator. » Tutorial: How To Install Windows 95, 3.1 On A Jailbroken iPad

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