May 14

copytrans photo

Its my birthday today and to celebrate that we will do a Giveaway in collaboration with CopyTrans. There will be 5 lucky winners that will get a license for CopyTransPhoto. CopyTransPhoto makes it possible to transfer and share iPod photos as easy as taking them, you can move pictures to and from your iDevice easy and quickly. You can also add photo albums, Organize your photos and rotate or backup your iPhone pictures. Giveaway Is Over!

» UPDATE: GIVEAWAY: 5 CopyTrans Photo Licenses!

Apr 26

There are some players who can sync wireless with your computer like “Zune”, but Apple probably thought this wasn’t necessary for the iDevice users. Because of that Greg Hughes has developed and submitted a App to the App Store that makes it possible to sync your iDevice with iTunes via Wi-Fi. In the video above you can see that its very easy to use and once you are connected you are good to go. My only worry is that it will not be approved to the App Store, but lets hope it does so we will soon be able to sync without the need of a cable.

Apr 02

iPad Apps live in the iTunes store
Before you get your iPad tomorrow you can already purchase and download the iPad Apps you like, because Apple has just updated the iTunes App Store with iPad Apps. Are you curious to see what you can download for you iPad, go to the iPad section of the iTunes store here. » iPad Apps Available In The App Store Now!

Apr 01

In a previous post I told you that iTunes 9.1 will stop Blackra1n from working on Windows, and iH8sn0w is working on a fix for that. Well the fix is already released and is called BlackBreeze. You only need this fix if you are a tethered Blackra1n user. » BlackBreeze: Blackra1n Fix For iTunes 9.1 [jailbreak]

Mar 31

itunes 9.1 stopped blackra1n
The never ending battle between Apple and jailbreaks continues. Apple just released iTunes 9.1 with several new features and improvements, but that’s not all. It also kills Blackra1n on Windows. So if you are a tethered blackra1n user on windows, Don’t update! » Warning: Do Not Update To iTunes 9.1 If You Are A Tethered Blackra1n User!

Mar 30

itunes 9.1 genius_mixesAccording to MacRumors iTunes will be updated to version 9.1 next month. Probably around the same time as the iPad’s U.S. launch this Saturday. Some new features and changes in 9.1 will be Books, Genius Mixes enhancements, Tweaked summary panes and Automatically songs converter. » iTunes Update Version 9.1 Next Month

Mar 10

firmware3131BigBoss launched a new tweak for the firmware 3.1.2 users. It allows you to virtual update firmware 3.1.2 to firmware 3.1.3. What is the point of this? Well with this update iTunes thinks your are already updated to firmware 3.1.3, this way iTunes wouldn’t ask you anymore to update to firmware 3.1.3.

» Virtual Update Firmware 3.1.3 From BigBoss [jailbreak]

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