Feb 26

itunes Explicit category gone previewOn Steve Jobs birthday Apple updated the iTunes store with a new category, called “Explicit”. It is believed that this category can be used for the “overtly sexual” Apps and parents can turn Explicit Apps on and of this to protect their kids from seeing “overtly sexual” Apps. But guess what…. Apple already removed the Explicit category the same day. What are they doing? » Apple Added & Removed “Explicit” Category From The App Store

Feb 25

apple itunes 10 billion songs downloadedAs you may already know, Apple promised a $10,000 iTunes gift card to the person that purchased the 10 billionth song in the iTunes store. Well the iTunes Store just reached the 10 billion music downloads. Apple created a list of the top 20 most popular music downloads here. » iTunes 10 Billion Music Downloads

Feb 05

apple rejected firmware 3.1.2We now know that Firmware 3.1.3 is made to stop people from jailbreaking, and ok.. they also fixed some small bugs. But we can still jailbreak when we downgrade to firmware 3.1.2 right? Well guess what… Apple has removed the digital signature for the firmware 3.1.2. » Apple Fights Jailbreakers

Feb 03

itunes-logoApple released iTunes 9.0.3 that you can download right now. This 98.1MB iTunes update provides a number of bug fixes. The Dev Team said this update will not harm any Jailbroken iPhone/iPod users. » Apple iTunes 9.0.3

Sep 23

Screen-shot-2009-09-23-at-3.34.32-AMApple has just released a new version of iTunes that comes to version 9.0.1. It is essentially an update designed to resolve various errors.iTunes 9.0.1 provides a number of important bug fixes, including: » Apple Released Update iTunes 9.0.1

Sep 10

iTunes 9

Engadget posted a couple of videos about the new iTunes 9 software. They’ll demo the new features, like the Home Sharing feature, and iPhone App Management feature. Watch the videos after the break.

» Engadget Demos iTunes 9

Mar 20

hd-moviesApple announced yesterday the possibility to buy or rent High Definition movies. A dedicated HD Movies page has been added to the iTunes Store to highlight the new content.
» Buy or Rent HD Movies via iTunes

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