Dec 03

The Developer of TapTapTap Made this INCREDIBLE iPhone Apps Mosaic To Represent the App Stores Achievement, of hitting its 10,000+ Apps! This is a really cool Mosaic. You can see all of the Apps from the Home screen! Like the Phone, SMS, iPod, Mail, Crash, Remote, and Safari.
» iPhone Icon Mosaic

Dec 02

There is a lot of Fake Calling apps in app store, some not as good as others. The one i used to love was GottaGo but now i like this new one Fake Caller from Hot Potato. Its $0.99 from app store. and it has more features! like when you push End Call it actually says End Call where the timer is. then when you hit End Call it takes you right back to your Home Screen! Well for only 99 cents i like it! The iTunes link is HERE

Dec 02

Well i upgraded to 2.2 and guess what, THERE WAS NO TRANSFORMER APP! if you dont know what the transformer app was, let me tell you it was awsome! it is a app that makes your iPod Touch look like a iPhone! and well, its GONE! Why!? well i dont KNOW why but i can surely tell you i hope it comes back. i think maby it was removed to be fixed. why you may ask? well, it have some bugs. if you remember after you got it it worked fine, but when you turn off your iPod, then the bugs came out. First, the Phone app will have a blank “bubble” on it (Showing a Missed call, but it was blank). Next the SMS app. if you wrote a sms and deleted it, then you closed the app and open it back up, it was still there. so i hope that this is just gone to be fixed, but i will keep yall posted out it. when/if it comes back out i WILL let yall know!

Oct 10

BreakThru Radio is using technology from TVersity to offer on-demand radio shows to iPhone and iTouch users. The news means the broadcaster’s diverse range of channels – covering the gamut, from reggae to rock.
» BreakThru Radio Comes To The iPhone and iTouch

Oct 07

The European Union will be looking at legislation that will force device makers to create electronics that will have the battery be easily removable. Apple has, up to now, opted for design aesthetics, making the battery removal hard for the average consumers. Instead, users are asked to have their batteries exchanged or replaced at an Apple authorized service center, through AppleCare, or via the Genius Bar at an Apple retail location. The European Union initiative will make it more eco-friendly so that users will be able to dispose of the batteries properly. Batteries that are thrown away through the garbage may leak into landfills, harming the environment. » Will the E.U. Force Apple to Redesign iPhones?

Sep 16

Apple has started offering the Back to School promo for U.K. customers. The new promotion started today, just as the U.S. promotion ended. » Apple Back to School promo for U.K. customers

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