Sep 09

applelogoOnly a few hours to go till the keynote of Apple’s Media Event will delivered, but there’s already news about the iPods. This is, I think, the most obvious evidence that Apple has new iPods for us. They reduced the prices significantly!

» Apple Reduces Prices iPods

Aug 18

bug1There’s a bug found in the OS 3.0 software. It was found on the iPod Touch 2gen of someone with the YouTube account “Popplenrookie”. When you delete an email in your POP mail account and also delete it in the trash map, you can still find it by using the search option on the iPod Touch. It seems that POP mail accounts are not the only ones having this issue. IMAP has the same problem. Even if you delete the mail directly from the server, it still shows up on the search function of the iPod.

» OS 3.0 Mail Bug Found…Major Security Issue

Aug 15

152021-third_gen_touch_1_500So new rumors have seen the light. This time it’s about the iPod Touch. Several pictures showed up on MacRumors and look very real. But if it is the next generation iPod Touch…I doubt it.

» Leaked iPod Touch Photos? Fake Or Real?

Aug 03

exploding ipodAfter the melting iPhone we now have an exploding iPod Touch. The British newspaper Times Online shows there are more incidents than you think, mostly with older iPods. The newspaper also claims Apple tried to cover-up several cases. One of those cases is the iPod of the 11-year-old teenager Ellie Stanborough. Last month her iPod Touch made a hissing noise, became hotter and hotter and finally exploded in the garden.

» Apple Silencing Owner Exploding iPod

May 26

nanoWhat you see below, is an artist rendition. Not the real deal, but it could be. The picture comes from and they have been right with certain rumors before. They claim to come with information like this, only when they have a lot of faith in it.

» Upgraded iPod Nano With Camera?

Jan 15

Apple iPodsNot too long after the release of the iPhone 3G, Apple Inc. produced the iPod Touch 2G. This version of the iPod Touch is supposed to have more iPhone-like features. For example, the volume controls with the built-in speakers. This is for having more fun with applications with sounds, and also casual listening. The difference, as you can tell from the title of the device, is the phone features, of course. Overall the iPod Touch 2G is the closest of the iPod family to be compared to a iPhone. Is the 2.0 software the MAIN part of the attraction of the iPhone 3G? Yes it is a great feature having the App Store, but the customers like the physical features of this Apple phone. The sleek round design calls for an OOO and a couple AWWs. Apple has also brought this design to the new iPod Touch. I personally think this is a great feel to the hand Your hand snugs the device so comfortably its amazing. Overall, if you want to compare the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch 2G, there’s really no difference besides the fact the iPhone is a phone :) » iPhone 3G Vs. iPod Touch 2G

Dec 10

Electric Arts developers are going to release SimCity for the iPhone and iPod Touch Later this month. (As we’ve been told) Now if you don’t know what SimCity is, Its basically a Version of The Sims, but its Not Playing as a independent person, Your controlling a City. Now if you’ve played it before, then you know the layout, and i think it will be interesting to see the way it is made to Navigate. » SimCity on the iPhone/iPod Touch

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