Oct 06

At this point, it seems obvious that Apple had been working on adding a camera to the newest iPod Touch, but for some reason, the feature was cut at the last minute. Exactly how last minute seems evidenced by the fact that some case manufacturers seem to have mass produced cases adopting the new design, and have pushed these designs into retail stores. » Leaked 3rd Gen iPod Touch Cases For Sale

Oct 03

The Pwnage Tool has been released, as expected, and can be used to Jailbreak the iPod touch 2G and the iPhone 3GS. Pwnage Tool 3.1.3 is not compatible with the iPod touch 3G. » Pwnage Tool 3.1.3 Released

Sep 21

greenpois0n2webThe Chronic Dev Team has made progress with jailbreaking the iPod touch 3G. According to the developers the exploit works perfectly. The jailbreaktool, greenpoison, will probably available very soon.

» Progress With iPod touch 3G Jailbreak

Sep 19

MacWorld performed a speedtest between the iPod touch 2G and the iPod touch 3G. It appears that the 3G is almost twice as fast, according to the table they made.

» Speedtest: iPod Touch 2G Versus iPod Touch 3G

Sep 13

ipod touch camera 2It seems the most convincing proof of Apple planning a camera module in the 3rd Gen iPod touch, has been provided by a reader of MacRumor’s forum. The leaked iPod touch 3G images are compared with the pictures of the iFixit teardown.

» “iPod Touch With Camera” Rumor Was True

Sep 12

New rumors have seen the light. After opening the iPod touch casing iFixit discovered that there is an empty space large enough to fit a camera just like the iPod nano.

» iPod Touch With Camera Still Coming?

Sep 09

applelogoOke, the Apple Media Event is over and I must say I was a little disappointed. Ofcourse there were things that we expected but it seemed the keynote was over before we new it. Still…Apple introduced some nice new stuff.

» What Did Steve Jobs Deliver To Us?

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