Jul 09

A new iPhone is launched so we could expect a new iPod as well. Its time for iPod Touch 4, but what can we expect? John Lewis thinks that the next gen iPod Touch“that most likely will be launched in September” will include: A Improved 5-megapixel camera so can shoot HD video / upload to YouTube. And flash so it can take photos in the dark, Social networking, Accelerometer and gyroscope, significant in developing the gaming credentials of the product, FaceTime calling over Wi-Fi, so you can communicate with friends for zero cost and will likely to be sold as a multimedia device targeted at youth / kids. Let the iTouch rumors begin. » First iPod 4 Rumors

May 20

iPod Touch Camera 1
Again a new prototype has shown up in Vietnam, first images of a new iPhone showed up in Vietnam, a little later pictures of a new Macbook reached the web and now the Vietnamese site Tinh Té has uploaded images and a video of a iPod Touch with a integrated 2MP camera. It has a 64GB capacity and runs some kind of test OS. You can check out the video and pictures after the break. We will keep you updated. » iPod Touch With 2MP Camera Shows Up In Vietnam

Apr 25

The 4th gen iPhone prototype is not the only prototype device that showed up these days, two prototype iPod touch devices where temporarily available for sale on Ebay. These prototypes called “DVT-1 and DVT-2, (Apple Development Team)” showing a camera that supposed to be in the iPod touch G3, but has been pulled out at the last moment. It is also running some sort of ’switchboard’ OS window. Unfortunately it has already been removed from ebay. Photo Gallery after the break. » iPod Touch “Prototype” With Camera Showed Up On Ebay

Feb 28

student exploding ipodThere are already a lot of stories about exploding iDevices. And guess what here is a new one. This time its not Apples fault. A high school student had her iPod explode after she opened a broken iPod and rubbing some wires against the battery. Probably this wasn’t a good idea, because the iPod became very hot and exploded.

» iPod Explode During Class Thanks To Student Experiment

Feb 05

apple rejected firmware 3.1.2We now know that Firmware 3.1.3 is made to stop people from jailbreaking, and ok.. they also fixed some small bugs. But we can still jailbreak when we downgrade to firmware 3.1.2 right? Well guess what… Apple has removed the digital signature for the firmware 3.1.2. » Apple Fights Jailbreakers

Dec 29


MobileCrunch reports on data from mobile analytics firm Flurry showing very strong App Store download performance coming from iPod touch devices, suggesting a strong holiday season for Apple’s premier iPod line. On Christmas Day, Flurry’s data saw download volume from iPod touches increase nearly 1,000% from pre-Christmas levels, spiking well above comparable iPhone downloads, which typically lead iPod touch sales by a considerable margin. » Strong iPod touch Sales

Dec 16

Toshiba announced that they have launched a 64 gigabyte (GB) embedded NAND flash memory module. The new chip offers 64GB on a single chip and will start mass production in the first quarter of 2010. » Could The Next iPod touch Have 128GB Flash Memory?

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