Sep 13

We already showed you the iWatch concept by Ogikubokei, but what about the Incipio Linq iPod Nano Watch Case. It’s a wrist-worn carrying solution for the iPod Nano. The Linq from Incipio which will be available in 5 different colours features a full “wrist” housing that will not only protect the Nano “thanks to the award winning Next Generation Polymer material”, but also ensure it doesn’t get accidentally dislodged while worn. » The iPad Nano 6G Watch Case

Sep 05

The newest iPod Nano is so small why not use it as a watch? Ogikubokei was thinking the same and uploaded a picture to Flickr showing a iWatch concept. Its pretty simple, just a regular watch strap and a iPod Nano mounted on the strap using the clip on the back. Its pretty simple, but maybe Apple is thinking the same and will the iWatch be the next new gadget they release.

Sep 03

ipod nano touch
We already showed you what’s new in the iPod Touch 4, but what about the iPod Nano? The first thing that probably comes into your mind is, “it looks like a mini iPod Touch”. This is because Apple replaced the click-wheel with a small 1.54-inch multi-touch screen and changed the design of the Nano by making it 45% smaller and 46% lighter. Its now only has a size of 37.5 mm by 40.9 mm by 8.78 mm and weights just 21.1 grams. » New iPod Nano, Small iPod Touch?

Aug 22

Another possible next generation iPod Touch assembly part pops up on the internet. Micgadget found some pictures of a front LCD and bezel of the upcoming “claimed” 4th generation iPod Touch in a Chinese online store which is selling it for $95 USD. The part is labelled “Apple (c) 2010″ and includes a hole for a front facing camera. Take a look after the break for the pictures and let us know what you think of it. Is it real? » Next Gen iPod Touch Front Panel Pictures?

Aug 06

fourth gen iPod Touch facetime
Like always, after the release of a new iPhone its time for a next gen iPod Touch. But what can we expect? Well the first rumors are taking over the internet already, Macrumors uploaded some pictures of what should be the front LCD of the upcoming iPod Touch. When you take a closer look you will notice a small hole on the top that would leave room for a front-facing FaceTime camera. But because there is no Phone App on the iPod Touch, how can you make FaceTime calls? Well according to Boy Genius Report the FaceTime app on the iPod Touch will look for a registered email address. » Rumor: Next Gen iPod Touch To Include Front Facing Camera For FaceTime

Aug 02

Whited00r is a new project created for iPhone 2G/3G and iPod Touch 1G/2G owners. Apple stopped releasing updates for these devices iPhone 2G & iPod 1G/2G since firmware version 3.1.3, so iOS 4 is not compatible with the iPhone 2G and the first gen iPod Touch (and people are complainig about iOS on the iPhone 3G). Luckily the guys from whited00r created a solution for this “sort of”, they created a modded 3.1.3 firmware to replicate iOS 4 on older iDevices. Some of the new features in this modded 3.1.3 firmware can be found after the break. You can download Whited00r via the whited00r project website.
» Whited00r Project, Modded Firmware 3.1.3 To Replicate iOS 4 On iPhone 2G/3G & iPod 1G/2G

Jul 29

The iPod Touch is like a iPhone with a handicap. Its pretty much the same, the iPod just misses some important features, like calling for instants. Well Yosion showed a solution for that, the Apple Peel 520. It’s a case with a build in Infineon baseband chip for your iPod that makes it possible to not only make calls but also send text messages, without the need of WiFi or VoIP. It also includes a 800 mAh battery for an additional 4,5 hours call time or 120 hours standby time. More info and a movie after the break. » Yosion Case “Apple Peel 520” Transforms Your iPod Into A iPhone

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