Feb 05

iphone-4gMore rumors of a new iPhone are being started. Now we all know that the iPhone Nano started with rumors, but we saw nothing last Mac World. So the question is, Is there a iPhone 4G? This is the first I’ve heard of it, but I’ll keep posted. Meanwhile, enjoy some iPhone 4G concepts inside!!!

» iPhone 4G!?

Feb 03

seido Is your iPhone 3G battery dying out again? Give your battery a quick boost with the Seidio Innocell External Battery Pack!

There are built in speaker channels to allow audio pass through and the protection circuits will prevent over charging and it can be charged in the original iPhone 3G dock and travel charge
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Jan 26

mac5455841Mac has been around for 25 Years now, and look at the at things it has accomplished! In 1984 the Macintosh 128K emerged, and made a breakthrough interface, that would changer the world! Everyone you know has a Apple Mac. Whether it be MacBook, iMac, or iTv. Mac has started the whole thing! Even down to the iPhones in which we use today (the reason your here now :) ) I just thought you might like to hear that :) to read more on this happy celebration click HERE » Happy Anniversary Mac!

Jan 06

There will be a NEW iLife update for all you Mac users out there! Its called iLife ’09.  iLife 09, a significant upgrade to Apple’s digital lifestyle applications, features updates to iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, and iWeb. It has yet to be released, but the Apple Website will update you with all you need to know about the arrival, and the all famous, Apple Tutorial videos. » Mac – iLife ’09 Update

Jan 06

When Apple announced, back in December, that Steve Jobs wouldn’t be doing the MacWorld Keynote, a lot of people started to make their own guess as to why not. The majority of the rumors pointed to Steve’s Health, But is this true? They said that Steve Jobs wouldn’t be doing the Keynote because he was sick on his death bed. When Steve got hold of this rumor, he quickly addressed it by saying that his health is indeed bad, but he isn’t by no means…DIEING. He sent a E-Mail to his Apple Community saying Sorry we haven’t been talking about MacWorld as much as we should be, but trust me, we will give full details on all the happenings. The full email is inside!!! » Steve Jobs Misses the Apple Keynote…Why!?

Dec 11

Today, iPhoneFreakz is bringing you the latest App Store deals. This time, we have 10 apps and as you know, most of these deals are for a limited time only. Hit the break to see the list.
» App Store Deals – 11/12/2008

Dec 10

Electric Arts developers are going to release SimCity for the iPhone and iPod Touch Later this month. (As we’ve been told) Now if you don’t know what SimCity is, Its basically a Version of The Sims, but its Not Playing as a independent person, Your controlling a City. Now if you’ve played it before, then you know the layout, and i think it will be interesting to see the way it is made to Navigate. » SimCity on the iPhone/iPod Touch

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