Mar 02

kaliap-logoRipDev updated their website with some information regarding their application Kali Anti-Piracy. They announced that the app is no longer in Beta and is ready to be released. Official word after the break.
» Kali Anti-piracy update

Feb 22

stackA couple of days ago iPhoneFreakz informed you about the pending release of Stack 2.2. Well it appears as stack 2.2 will never see daylight as the developer Steven decided to stop development. Why? Hit the break for more information.
» Cydia – Stack Discontinued

Feb 18

evangelionAppliya Brings Evangelion to the iPhone and iPod Touch – Millions of iPhone and iPod Touch owners have found ways to extend the functionality and fun of their devices with everything from map applications to lightsaber simulators. But if you’re an anime fan outside of Japan, the iTunes App Store offers few options that represent the anime and manga stories that you love. One Tokyo-based company called Appliya Inc. is seeking to change that with an aggressive strategy to bring anime franchises to the international mobile market. Their first venture is an exciting one Appliya has obtained a license to develop and distribute the world’s first iPhone and iPod Touch applications based on one of the most popular anime franchises, Evangelion, and they plan to submit their first apps to Apple in February 2009.
» App Store – Evangelion manga coming to the iPhone

Feb 18

aurorashotsmallMost of us know the game AuroraFeint, the free puzzle game for the iPhone. The developers the of Aurora Feint are releasing OpenFaint, an API that will allow iPhone developers to integrate rich social features into their applications with a minimal amount of effort.
» OpenFeint: A Social Platform For iPhone Games

Feb 17

iphone-long-futureIt appears like a lot of designer out there are making up new iphone concepts on a daily basis. Today I received some cool new iPhone concepts that include iPhone Ultra, iPhone Luxe Game and iPhone Long Future. Hit the break to see some concepts:
» New iPhone 4G concepts

Feb 17

case4The Barely There is Case-mate’s new line of sporty cases for the iPhone 3G. These cases are designed to protect the design of the iPhone 3g while allowing more of it to show.
» iPhoneFreakz Store News

Feb 06

snow-leopardAccording to AppleInsider, the new Mac os X version Snow Leopard will include some nifty features most of us already know from our iPhones. The features rumored to make a jump from the iPhone platform are geographical location based services and multi-touch support.
» Snow Leopard borrowing iPhone features?

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