Apr 16

Yes i know it feels like it’s taking ages until winPwn is released.

But ask yourself this question. Do you really want a release that hasn’t been fully tested?
I for sure don’t !!

CMS is working hard on this app, and I expect it to be ready really really soon.

In the meantime, if you have bootloader issue, please see my post about Bootneuter and if you really really need to Pwn your iPhone, you can always buy a mac :d

Apr 14

I haven’t been really active with Posting on IphoneFreakz the last couple of days.

But this has very good reasons. I configured and installed the new server, migrated the website and speed-optimized the website.

I’m still fine-tuning some settings, but the speeds look good so far.

I know i have a lot of visitors from around the world, and i would like to know if you think the speed is satisfying or not.

Please post a comment, so that i know if i have to improve or if i can get some sleep now :)

Apr 13

If you’re looking at this post, say hello to the new server :)

Let me know in the comments if it’s better or not?


Apr 13

I’m planning to move iPhoneFreakz to a more performant environment this night.

As of this, downtime is possible, i’ll do anything to make the transition as smooth as possible, but there’s always an option that there will be failures.

I’m not expecting a lot of trouble but you never know.

There was no downtime :)

Apr 12

A little update for iPhoneFreakz

I’ve made iphonefreakz compatible with our beloved devices.
Now you can look at the site from your iPhone or iPod touch and be updated of the latest news and reviews.

Some screens of how it will look on your favorite device.


» IphoneFreakz now formated for your iPhone or iPod Touch

Apr 10

Sorry for not updating the site as much as other days.

However, i have very good reasons for this.
As my hosting provider is kinda NOT good.
I bought myself a server today, and i’m configuring it as we speak.
The migration is not set, but it will probably be not too long.

In the meantime, i will still update you of any big changes in our wonderfull iPhone and iPod land, but i will leave the reviews a little bit behind for the moment.

Don’t worry :)

I’ll be back on track within a very short time !!!

Apr 01

I’ve updated the SMS tones in the repository.?

there are now 4 sms tones to chose from.

» Updated SMS tones to the repository

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