Apr 24

A friendly visitor just informed me that the site view in internet explorer was totally messed up.

The iPhone theme was showing in internet explorer. I have no idea why, but i have resolved the issue now.

Sorry for the problem…

Apr 23

New poll

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It’s time for a new poll. The previous poll showed me (in the beginning) that i needed to switch hosting provider.

This has been done, and the results are satisfying.Â
» New poll

Apr 22

So what is this Nakko.com

Nakko.com is a service that enables you to upload, edit and share your mobile stuff (like ringtones, graphics, videos and games) and download it directly to your mobile phone.
OK that sounds good to me, but what’s the difference between all those other ringtones and video sites?
» Get ringtones for free with Nakko.com

Apr 20

It seems i had a memory problem, and due to that problem, you guys where unable to see the site in it’s iphone version.

when you browsed the site from your iPhone, you had the regular site, well now it’s fixed..

the problem was due to a bad php setting :)


Apr 17

Some of you (especially Internet Explorer users) may have noticed some problems when opening posts with embedded youtube movies.

I was able to solve these issues and i also made the site perform much faster by tweaking some settings.

If you still notice problem, please post it here or in the forum so i’m aware of any issues :)

Greetz and Enjoy all of iPhoneFreakz

Apr 16

I think all of us know the iPhone song by now. It’s the tune they play with every iPhone add we see by Apple.

Some guys recreated the song by using the iPhone apps Pianist and Guitarist.

It’s really cool.
Video after the break
» iPhone ad with Pianist and guitarist

Apr 16

I’ve added the bootloaders to our firmware page.

So if you ever need them, you can find/download them directly.

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