May 09

It’s time for a new poll.Â

I asked you if you would upgrade to the new 3G iPhone when it’s released.Â

Most of  you will actually upgrade. See the stats here.

[poll id=”3″]

 » New Poll.. would you like me to post video’s of the games/apps in action?

May 09

Gizmode posted that it’s now no longer possible to go to the Apple shop in NYC to get your first gen iPhone.
At the Apple store on NYC’s West 14th Street this morning, I caught this line, 30 people deep (my conservative estimate). I asked an employee what they were waiting for, and he told me “the iPhone.” When I incredulously said it wasn’t coming—we suppose—for another month, he said it wasn’t the 3G iPhone, but “the one that came out last June. It’s been out of stock all week.” I asked him if he thought anyone should tell these poor saps that they should hold off for a month—before their dreams are crushed—but he just said “I don’t think so.” He couldn’t actually confirm whether or not replenishments were on their way.

May 09

I have been creating absolute beginner tutorials for anyone who’s new to the iPhone.Â

Currently i have tutorials for unlocking, winpwn, jailbreaking, and jailbreak + unlock.
I plan to add a lot more, if time will allow me.
You can find the page on the right of the main screen or here.

I hope you guys enjoy these and if you have problems, just comment and i’ll try to answer asap.


May 06

Touchpad Pro lets you wirelessly control your PC or Mac through your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can use it to advance slides in a presentation, control your media center, check e-mail — whatever a regular touchpad and keyboard can do. It’s got various features that you really have to see to believe. With ScreenView, you can now see what’s happening on your screen and control your computer even if you’re miles away.
So far the official word from there website.
» Touchpadpro control your computer and media from anywhere

May 04

Some time ago i posted that there was a separate view for the iPhone or iPod touch when you visited our site.
I noticed that this gave a lot of issue, some people surfing with IE or safari where seeing that very minimalistic theme on there regular pc’s. So i decided to totally change the view.

Here’s the result.

Please tell me if you like it or not :)
» iPhoneFreakz on your iPhone

Apr 26

If you are a developer and don’t want to host your app on your own bandwith then we have a solution for you.

Either you can host it with us (drop us a mail on multinova@domain) or you can use this new free service called myrepospace.

So how does this work?

It works in several steps.

1) register for free

2) Upload your app or game

3) Fill in the online form on how the app or game should be installed.

They currently have some sections available for ROMs Themes and apps.

Every source that’s been created has the registered users own unique id.

Apr 25

As the last couple of days not much is getting released, i’m getting out of NEW apps to review.
I know there are a lot of old one’s that i haven’t had time to look at. So as i have time now, it would be cool if you say what you’d like to have reviewed.
» What app would you like me to review ?

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