May 15


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FlyTunes is a FREE service that gives you what you really want – portable music and talk radio that’s better than Satellite radio, easy to use, and works on the device already in your pocket – the iPhone.
Today they had a press release where they inform us of Video compatibility, a new UI and over 350 channels.

The full press release can be read here, but i’ll show you of video of how flytunes currently works.

 » FlyTunes

May 15

Albert a blogger from holland decided to try to slim down his wallet after reading the post ‘slimming down your wallet‘ article on Lifehacker.

Instead of throwing all his card’s away, he decided to scan them and synch them with his iPhone.

As most of us already know, on most of the cards there’s simply a barcode that needs to be read, so why do you need to carry all your cards around if you can have them digitaly on your iPhone?
» Throw away your membershipcards

May 14

I’m a little bit late with this news, but the’re still some up for grabs.
If you like to buy a cheap iPhone (and you live in the US) now is a very good time to buy one.
» AT&T Refurbished iPhones For $249 and $349

May 12

A new article popped up today.

David Manners (Electronic Weekly’s ) writes about a meeting he had with Luigi Licciardi, the executive vice president for technology and operations at Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM).

Licciardi confirms what everyone essentially knows: that TIM will be delivering a 3G version of the iPhone to Italy. Licciardi, however, actually gives us a solid timeframe for the launch:

“We will be selling an iPhone with 3G capability next month”, Luigi Licciardi, executive vice president for technology and operations at TIM told me yesterday evening on a bus taking us out into the desert for dinner following the first day of the International Electronics Forum 2008 in Dubai.

“Next month” conveniently coincides with Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), which takes place from June 9th to June 13th in San Francisco, CA.

May 11

Packet video will release a mobile broadcast receiver that will be available in versions for all major mobile broadcast standards, including TDtv, DVB-H and MediaFLO as well as for WiMAX. The device can be customized with the operator’s badge or branding for the retail market. The mobile broadcast receiver is compatible with many industry-leading phones including the Nokia N-series, Apple iPhone and HTC Smartphone devices.
Click read more for a quick preview.
» PV Watch digital broadcasting from your pocket with Tele.

May 10 has had a repository for quite some time now.
for the moment i don’t have much special on the repo.
Only some custom made battery images and ringtones.
I decided that i will open up my repo for anyone that needs to host his application.
If you are a developer and you’d like to host it with us, drop me a mail on multinova @ iphone…(domain above)


May 10

Codemorphic released a little webmovie, where they announce there first native SDK app.
The name is retrophone and personally i know i have seen this one before :)
They’ve also announced that they want to be the number1 developer for native iPhone applications.
Personally i don’t think they will succeed with this kind of app, what do you guys think?

Click more for the video.
» RetroPhone: old school dialer for the iPhone

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