May 22

Some iPhoneFreakz news

First of all i would like to thank you all.
Thanks to you iPhoneFreakz is becoming one of the top iPhone reference sites on the internet.
To celebrate that we are growing at a very rapid pace, we will be launching a contest very soon.
I haven’t got all the details yet, but i do already have some nice prizes to give away!!
We are currently still searching for some extra prizes as we would like the contest to be very big.
» iPhoneFreakz newsflash

May 21

If you like to buy a cheap iPhone (and you live in the US) now is a very good time to buy one.
AT&T has some more refurbished iPhones available !!

Be quick as the supply’s won’t last long.
» AT&T refurbished iPhones

May 21

Vic Gundotra, Google’s vice president of engineering stated that:

When Apple ships its iPhone 2.0 update–and the accompanying App Store for distributing third-party software for the phone–you won’t have to wait too long for native iPhone apps built by Google programmers. “We expect to have applications at Day One.”

When we think of the app’s currently included on the iPhone and iPod touch, there’s no doubt that most of them are already Google powered.
» Google Apps ready for launch of the AppStore

May 21

A new company has started to offer gold iPhones.
ICandyPhones doesn’t have a shop yet so there selling there 24kt gold iphones on ebay.

At the time of writing the 34kt iPhone had a hefty price tag of more than 5500$.

I wonder, if anyone of you would pay that much for a first gen iPhone, knowing that the 3G iPhone is just weeks away?
» Gold iPhone anyone ?

May 20

ScanLife is a new service that let’s you scan barcodes for anything you can think off.
This is going to be the new way to quickly get all the information you need.
Scanlife will use EZCodes, they are a new 2d version of our classical barcode.
These new EZcodes can contain all sorts of information. Imagine reading a magazine ..
In that mag you see a advertisement for a concert and a EZcode. You take a snapshot of the easy code, and your iPhone will remember you to buy tickets for that concert.
» ScanLife (instant information available everywhere)

May 19

NYTimes’ Technology blog reports that Apple is currently in active negotiations with music labels about providing more mobile music content on their iTunes store.

One executive quoted specifically states that “[Apple wants] a big launch in June”, presumably referring to the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) scheduled to start on June 9th 2008. However, since negotiations only started a few weeks ago, the deals may not be in place in time for a WWDC announcement.
Apple reportedly wants to expand its Ringtone library and introduce the sale of “Answer Tones”. Answer Tones are customized sounds played to callers instead of the traditional ringing sound.

Another area of negotiation is the distribution of iTunes songs over the cellular network. For now, the iPhone allows you to purchase iTunes music only over Wi-fi networks. This had been thought to be a limitation of the slower EDGE data network, but it appears this mobile music distribution must be specifically negotiated with the record labels.
» Apple in Mobile Music Negotiations… for WWDC?

May 16

Update seven, is a leading european CRM software creation company that has released a Touch version of it’s software.
Official statement:
When routine leads to inertia, it’s time for new ideas such as CRM on the iPhone. touch is a major usability milestone, heralding the departure from decades-old navigation schemes towards true ease of use and accessibility.
the clear and intuitive user interface design, coupled with Apples Multi-Touch display technology, elevates simplicity to an art form.
» touch

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