Jun 15

T-mobile has announced the prices for the iPhone 3G. According to the german website Welt Online the new prices are very low. If you take the Complete XL package for 3 years, you even get the iPhone 3G for free! If you take the cheapest subscription you will have to pay about 169€ for the 8GB iPhone 3G version.
» iPhone 3G germany prices revealed.

Jun 15

BigBoss has informed us that STE packaging is down for the moment.

STE Packaging is down at the moment so if you are having “no route to host” failures, clear your installer queue and try to install packages not in STE’s repo.

In the meantime, I am hosting Jiggy and Jiggy runtime packages until STE is back up. I felt these packages were critical since I have about 40 Jiggy apps in my repo that no one can use without these. I will pull these packages when STE is back up.

STE packaging is back up however STE has announced that he lost a sponsor. Read the article here.

Jun 14

A lot is going on for the moment in iPhone repo land. some packages moved, some repos got removed. I’ll go a little bit in more detail after the read more.
» iPhone repository updates.

Jun 14

Apple has posted the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2008. The yearly awards Apple gives to recognize technical excellence, innovation and outstanding achievment in software development. The cool thing for this year are the inclusions of iPhone applications.
» Apple Design Awards (the iPhone appstore winners)

Jun 12

Can’t wait for the new iPhone 3G to arrive? You want to be able to countdown to the second? Then i have something for you. 2 Widgets that will countdown to the very second the new iPhone 3G is available. The first one is from a iPhoneClub member called DanielPunt and the second one is from Mattraskin. » 2 Countdown widgets untill the iPhone 3G release

Jun 11

The blog page of the XGPS project has announced that their GPS hardware is ready. The hardware they are using is a Sirf III 20 channels GPS module from USBLOBALSAT and the PIC18F25J10 chip. According to the developers it’s working perfectly and best of all, it hardly uses any power from your iPhone or iPod GPS.
» XGPS iPhone hardware finalized. Finally GPS for the First gen iPhone

Jun 08

IphoneFreakz will blog live on monday during they keynote of Apple WWDC 2008. To say it in Apple words, this is a landmark event, and iPhoneFreakz will be a part of it. We will finally know if the 3G iPhone will be smaller, have multiple colors, GPS or a-gps, if there will be a iPhone nano or if there will be any really cool apps available in the appstore. To make it all work, we will use coveritlive. You as visitor don’t have to do anything. Just visit the site and the updates will show up dynamically. If you like you can enter your mail address to be informed of when the session will begin.

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