Jun 23

Radio Donna (Belgian radio station) is the first to give away free iPhone 3G’s. The contest will start this friday (27june) at 00:00h european central time. Why am i informing you guys about this? First of all, how is it possible that a radio Station can give away free iPhone 3G’s before 11th of July? And second, the iPhone 3G will not be released the 11th of July in Belgium! Or is this a confirmation that it will be released the 11th?
» iPhone 3G – Win the first iPhones 3G on Radio Donna (Belgium)

Jun 22

Tuaw publiced another list with upcoming apps and games for our beloved iPhones. ome weel known jailbreak apps have been added to the upcoming list. TextReader and Sketches are a example. Some cool other games and apps are in the full list after the break.
» AppStore – More upcoming apps and games for the iPhone

Jun 20

Mercedes released a press statement today regarding the release of their iPhone cradle. The multimedia set will allow you to control our iPhone from the Mercedes Multifunction steering wheel and connect your iPhone to the Mercedes Aerial so you will always have perfect reception when calling. Read the full press statement for more information.
» MerCedes iPhone (3G) Cradle available from today

Jun 19

Mohive claims to be the first in Europe to deliver a e-learning solution for the iPhone. According to Mohive CEO Lars Unneberg is the iPhone the first device that really shows us the potential of mobile teaching. Mohive is currently developing education tracks for the transport, retail and HealthCare.
» Mohive prepping e-learning solution for the iPhone

Jun 18

During their Melbourne conference, Citrix showed that you can run Window XP on a iPhone. They did this by using XenDesktop, the thin-client software of Citrix. Even the pinch function (with pictures) was working. The iPhone demonstration was part of a keynote, with the title ‘Directions in virtualisation & application delivery in the dynamic datacentre.
» Citrix runs Windows XP on a iPhone

Jun 17

I came across the following article on BigBoss his site.
Ziphone Warning
“But Ziphone works fine for me? Why should I avoid it?”

I hear this all the time. It’s simple. Ziphone does permanent changes to your phone. Zibri is a terrible coder that stole most the exploits for ZiPhone and did not create them. Zibri admits that he cannot code. Ziphone does work most of the time. But when it does not work, you are most likely left with an unfixable brick. Other jailbreak software such as iLiberty+, Pwnage, will not leave you with a brick.
» Ziphone Warning!

Jun 16

AirRemote is a upcming application for the AppStore. The app will transform your iPhone and iPod touch into a full remote controller for your Television, but it will not come cheap. The application will have a price-tag of 99$ and thats not all.
» AppStore – AirRemote for iPhone

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