Sep 02

The rumors about a 9 september event have been spreading around for quite some time but today some publishers received a official invitation for a Apple hosted event the 9th of september. We already know new iPod’s are coming (this is normal Apple behaviour at this period),
» Apple event 9th september now official

Sep 02

Cydia has been updated. The last couple of days most of us received a error when downloading the package updates that looked like ‘POSIX: Connection timed out’. This was due to one of the repo’s getting high volumes of traffic according to the Cydia homepage.
» Cydia update fixes POSIX error

Sep 02

For the people who are new i’ll briefly explain. xGps is the navigation software that works together with the xGps module that has been released for the iPhone 2G. Check my old post regarding this here.
» Cydia – xGps and xGps Util 1.0.0-1 available

Sep 01

iDevKit is a new forum where you can find all sorts of programming code and where you can find most of the jailbreak developers. This development community is home to MxWeas(MXTube), spicychicken(Customize), BigBoss and off course Erica Sadun.
» iDevKit – iPhone development forum

Aug 31

The Ipod touch update normally costs you 9.99$. However by checking the communication that goes from your PC to the Apple site, you can quickly discover a link (file) in which all iPod firmware files are showed in clear text.
» All iPod Firmware links

Aug 29

The security risk i addressed a couple of days ago has now been acknowledged by Apple. However, they do call it a ‘minor iPhone security issue’. Personally i don’t think this is minor as this actually gives the user who’s toying with your iPhone full access. But on the other hand.. don’t let your iPhone out of your sight and this will not be a problem :)
» iPhone Security Risk – Apple promises fix next month

Aug 27

All of us have apps we absolutely LOVED on 1.1.4. Games, themes, mods, etc. Well we here at iPhoneFreakz love to see our readers (and ourselves even :) ) happy, so we are going to try our hand at porting some apps to 2.0. There are some major bumps on the road though so read on before getting to excited. » What apps would you like ported to 2.0?

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