Sep 17

The readers of the magazine Stuff declared the iPhone 3G as the winner of the best gadget award of the year 2008. The magazine described the iPhone 3G as ‘ a faster, smarter version of a remarkable phone’. Last year’s winner is no stranger too as it was the iPhone 2G. The iPhone 3G won the contest compared to the Sony Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii Fit and B&W Zeppelin.
» iPhone 3G is Gadget of the Year

Sep 11

The iPhone-Dev team just posted a update regarding iTunes 8.0 and the new firmware. As they said before, it will take Apple a new hardware design to fully fix the Pwning process, iTunes 8.0 does however have some countermeasures. Read their full explenation after the break.
» iPhone Dev-Team update – Countermeasures

Sep 11

Some reports are coming in from users that are trying to update their Apps in iTunes 8.0 with a iPod Touch that it’s simply not working. Users are getting error 5002 (Unknown Error). The solution to this problem is quite easy. It’s in fact not a solution but more a workaround.
» iTunes 8: Workaround for error 5002 When Updating Apps

Sep 11

Apple created a guided tour for their new iPod Touch. In the mean-time they’ve released a new ad fully focused on the new iTouch. The ad shows us a lot of games (Moto Racer, Tap Tap Revolution, Super monkey ball and some others. Apple is clearly positioning their new iPod Touch as a gaming platform. Maybe that’s why they call it the ‘funnest’ iPod ever. Hit the break for the ad and the guided tour link.
» iPod Touch guided tour + first ad

Sep 11

Apple released a new build of the iPhone SDK uitgebracht. The new SDK has been released for the developers who’d like to create applications for iPhone firmware 2.1. No details have been released so far on what has been changed except for a reference found to a firmware 2.1.1. iPhone SDK build 9M2517 can only be installed on Mac OS X 10.5.4 or higher.
» New SDK has references to firmware 2.1.1

Sep 10

Apple has posted the ‘let’s rock’ keynote on their website. Now you can watch the keynote from the comfort of your own living home and enjoy all the new announcements Apple prepared for us today. Click the link to see the video.
» Watch the ‘let’s rock’ Keynote

Sep 04

Apple has filed a trademark application for “Cocoa Touch,” the software toolset that allows developers to access the Multi-Touch and accelerometer features in the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch. Apple has filed under International Class 009 in the U-S, seeking a trademark in the programming, data recovery and data analysis category. The Cocoa Touch API framework is included in the iPhone SDK.
» Apple applies “Cocoa Touch” for iPhone

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