Sep 25

Apple has seeded some iPhone developers with a new beta iPhone firmware for testing. The new version is labeled iPhone OS 2.2 beta 1 and is accompanied by a new beta of the iPhone SDK (build 9M2611). Beyond “compatibility testing”, there are no other differences noted by Apple. It’s not clear yet if the new builds have any further implementation of background push notifications that have been promised by Apple.
» Apple releases iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 1(updated)

Sep 25

Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 3G into another 29 countries. Starting from the 26th of September 29 new countries will be added. This will make the iPhone 3G available in 73 countries as a total. Unfortunately no details have been leaked if in any of these countries you will be able to buy it simlock-free or as prepaid.
» iPhone soon in another 29 countries

Sep 25

It’s starting to become routine that some developers are offering their applications for a lower price or even for free for a defined period. Today we have a new list of cheaper and free apps from the App Store. Click on to see the list.
» App Store – Deals (updated)

Sep 24

Steve Demeter who some of you may remember as the guy who offered a demo of his Trism game first in the jailbreak community, made about $250,000 since he started selling his Trism game (priced at a 4,99$) 2 months ago. That’s a net earning after Apple has taken its 30% cut of total sales, and after subtracting his initial investment of about $5,000.
» iPhone Developer Made $250K From App Store In Two Months

Sep 23

Apple has started the iPhone Developer University Program.This FREE program is open to higher education institutions looking to start to develop for the iPhone. The University Program gives it’s users a wealth of development resources, sophisticated tools for testing and debugging, and the ability to share applications within the same development team (up to 200 students) . Institutions can also submit applications for distribution in the App Store.
» Apple opens iPhone Developer University Program

Sep 22

Kevin Rose, the notorious blogger who started digg is back with some Apple Related news. This time he talks about iTunes 9 and the possible new features. As i recall Kevin seems to have some good inside sources with Apple as he nailed it with the new iPod Nano and iTunes 8. This time he’s not predicting any new features but he just puts some random ideas to the test. Check the vid after the break.
» Rumors – iTunes 9 features

Sep 19

2 new iPhone/iPod Touch patents have been published. One talks about usability improvements and the other about interface improvements. Both seem to be linked to the upcoming ‘push’ feature Apple promised during the WWDC keynote. Hit the read more link to see the full details.
» New Apple patents : iPhone usability, interface improvements

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