Mar 15
img_0001Google this week has just updated its Google Image Search interface for Safari on the iPhone. It’s finally starting to shape up as a rugged web app now. The

main interface sees changes to the labeling of the images: gone are the long, useless original URLs and image titles. Now, all that’s left are the plain pictures themselves, smartly tiled to fill the iPhone’s small yet seemingly spacious display.
» Google Updates iPhone Image Searching

Mar 14

readermac1I’m not sure how many people are aware of the local RSS feed reader in Safari on the iPhone/iPod touch. This service sort of lags from the old. Mac service, and I have no idea why Apple has not yet updated it to reflect and integrate with the MobileMe service.
» Safari RSS Reader feature on the iPhone

Feb 03

tasks3 Tasks lets you manage your to-do list while you’re on the go. You can create lists of things you need to get done and check off tasks as they’re completed. Just go to in your phone’s web browser to access Tasks.
» Google Tasks list on your iPhone

Dec 11

Pastebud is a new service that allow copy and past text between Safari and Mail but also between webpages. It does not require any application to be installed and works using two bookmarks in Safari.
» Pastebud: Copy & Past between Safari & Mail

Oct 11

The guys from the iVDR-Project came up with a pretty amazing “WebApp” to control your Linux-VDR using your iPhone or iPod touch.

iVDR even comes with a pretty cool streaming client.

» iVDR – Control your (Linux)VDR via iPhone

Aug 13

Google has been making all of their popular web-apps compatible with the iPhone. Let’s just think about google docs, google mail, etc.. The newest member of the iPhone compatible club is Google Translate. It’s not yet possible to translate full web-pages from within the web application. But if you quickly need to translate something then google translate is what you need.
» Google Translate now iPhone compatible.

May 23

Zinio is a service that let’s your read all your favorite magazines on your computer.
Normally you have to pay for this service (about 5$/mag), but we the lucky iPhone and ipod touch owners can read all these magazines for free (for now anyway)
The list of magazines includes very popular ones like, US news, Saveur, Digital Photography, Men’s health, MacWorld, Esquire, and so on…
It even let’s your read playboy and penthouse !
» Read free magazines on your iPhone

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