Oct 11

The guys from the iVDR-Project came up with a pretty amazing “WebApp” to control your Linux-VDR using your iPhone or iPod touch.

iVDR even comes with a pretty cool streaming client.

» iVDR – Control your (Linux)VDR via iPhone

Sep 11

A recent interview with Steve Jobs conducted by CNBC covers Jobs’ views on the recent “Let’s Rock” event, along with many other questions that people have been asking concerning bugs in the iPhone firmware and Steve’s health conditions. » CNBC Video Interview with Steve Jobs

Aug 01

Skrew (vWallpaper developer) has updated his blog saying has vWallpaper is up and running on a v.2.0 iPhone 3G. vWallpaper allows you to display a video as your wallpaper. it will also allow you to use a video you have downloaded from mxtube to run as your background. » vWallpaper on it’s way to 2.0

May 01

For the sporty men among my readers i have found some video’s optimized for the iPod (although also for the iPhone).
They can be found on the men’s health page and they are free.
» Free iPhone or iPod workout video’s.

Apr 24

This must be one of the strangest woman i know..
Watch her explain why mac is bad and why and iPhone is just an iphone.
It’s hilarious


Mar 27

What if you could stream your music and video library from anywhere in the world?

Well now that’s possible with WinAmp Remote.

Winamp remote turns your pc in a audio and video streamer over the web.

Let me show you how to install this little proggy.

» Play your WinAmp library with your iPhone/iPod Touch

Mar 23

We all know it’s possible to watch the youtube video’s on your ipod via wi-fi or your edge connection.

But what little of us also know is that it’s perfectly possible to watch full google video documentaries and other movies on your iPod/Phone.

I will explain this procedure with screenshots.

» Watching Google Video on your iPhone/iPod Touch

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