Oct 05

500x_crankTake some wood and create an iPhone dock. That’s what Murtaza Lakdawala did. The dock can show the iPhone in either the portrait- or landscape mode. The result: a beautiful wooden iPhone dock, named “Automato iPhone Dock”.

» Automato iPhone Dock: What A Beauty

Sep 16

A concept picture of the new Hybrid car from Lexus has been found on the Internet. Before you think you might be on the wrong website, it has something to do with the iPhone.

» Lexus Wants iPhone Docks For Cars

Aug 15


Have $1000 to spare? Well maybe for these iPhone cases. They are handmade chinses cases for your iPhone. There are five different versions each representing an important piece of Japanese history.

» Japanese iPhone Cases Worth $1000

Aug 14

case-mateWho you text and email on your phone are your own business…and with the Stealth, it’ll stay that way. We’re talking a matte black, self-adhesive protective back and a Privacy Screen protector for the front. Sure, everyone stares at your sweet ride, your watch, your sunglasses…but your iPhone 3G.. eyes to yourself, buddy.

» Case-Mate Will Be Your iPhone Mate

Aug 12

iphone soapThere are so many gadgets for the iPhone. Bluetooth headsets, carkits, protection layers, etc. But you can also wash  yourself with the iPhone. Yep, you read it right. There’s an iPhone soap.

» Get Clean With The iPhone Soap

Aug 11

headsetThe wireless music experience has been enhanced with an upgraded version of the award-winning MOTOROKR S9, the Motorola S9-HD™. Freedom to exercise, move around and commute without wires to tangle or hold you back, is now enhanced with high-definition audio and ear buds that reduce background noise and improve comfort. The S9-HD is the new benchmark of wireless music powered by Bluetooth® wireless technology.

» Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for iPhone 3GS

Aug 04

PowCellThe iPhone is without a doubt the most populair mobie device of this moment. The real fans even except the shortcomings of the mobile phone. The biggest shortcoming is without a doubt, the short batterylife.

» PowCell To Give The iPhone More Life

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