Mar 19

22Moo gamebone22Moo, an Australian hardware company. Has created a new version of the GameBone, the GameBone was the first iPhone controller that has been revealed back in June of 2009. Unfortunately the GameBone wasn’t a success and didn’t hit the market. Now 22Moo is pretty confident about the new version of the GameBone.

» iPhone GameBone Controller For C64 And Amiga Games

Mar 17

AirStash is a Wi-Fi card reader that creates his own Wi-Fi network. You can connect with your iDevice to use the content on the SD/SDHC card inserted into the AirStash. Drop all your movies and music on a SD card, this way you don’t have to use the intern memory on your iPhone.

» AirStash: Wi-Fi Cardreader For Your iDevice

Jan 17

iVictrolaThere are a lot of weird, funny and strange accessories for the iPhone. They range from cheap to very expensive and from good quality to bad quality. But the iVictrola is one of the weirdest accessories I’ve ever seen. » iVictrola: One Of The Weirdest Gadgets Ever

Jan 10

ion-itype-iphone-toetsenbordION has developed a full size keyboard holder for the iPhone. The accessory works on batteries and is therefor easy to take with you. You can type pieces of text on your iPhone as you normally do on your laptop. The ION iType will be available on the market in the second quarter of this year.

» ION Developed iType: A Full Size iPhone Keyboard [CES]

Dec 05

Arduino TankA fun video about an iPhone controlled solar powered Arduino Tank. No more explanation is needed » iPhone Remote Controlled Solar Powered Arduino Tank

Nov 16

handle2-300x225Student Chris Varenhorst has come up with a smart way to open the door of his room. With electronic and hydraulic components he built a automatic door opener. He now has the ability to open his door remotely. » iDoor: The iPhone Controlled Door

Oct 25

touchtec_hangtagGaspar Gloves is a famous glove company and featured in movies like Ocean’s 13, X-Men: The Last Stand and Star Trek (2009). Their site shows more movies their gloves featured in. They are now launching the first gloves designed for the iPhone. The TouchTec. » Gaspar Gloves: The First Gloves For The iPhone

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