May 21


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Excuses or Excuses is another app that got moved from the DAVTEAM to the BigBoss repo.
As i haven’t reviewed it yet, this is a good opportunity to do so.
Excuses is a excuses generator for work, school or Police (although i wouldn’t really use them for the police ;) )
Imagine telling to a police officer, Officer please excuse me because, i thought the red light was a Christmas decoration …
I wouldn’t do that … but if you do try it, please let me know the outcome :)
» Excuses

May 21

Linux Installer is a toy made by the DAVTEAM.
It’s not a new toy but today it got moved from the DAVTEAM source to the bigboss source.
As i haven’t showed it to you before, i thought let’s show it to you.
The app doesn’t actually install linux onto your iPhone, but if you wan’t to fool your friends and pretend your installing Linux on your iPhone or iPod then you can try this toy.
» Linux Installer toy

May 21

O my god, i just broke my iphone’s screen!! Uh,not, just put myself laughing.

But you can also bite your friends. On this site you can find a few links to really make a few tweaks on your iPhone, but really they are not.

It is made for your colleagues or friends their iPhone to look like broken pieces and give them the fright to hunt.
May 21

Sketches is probably one of the first app’s that became very popular on our iPhones and iPod touches.
Untill now i didn’t have the time yet to have a quick look at the app.
The developers have released the latest update (version 07b4), so this gives me the perfect excuse to have a mini-review.
The application allows you to draw on the screen, select a picture from the photo album or shoot a photo to draw on top of it.
It also has the ability to use pencils and colors to draw all sort of shapes.
You can save your work to the photo library (so that you can synchronize back to your computer), send to a mail address or send it to your twitter account!
You can even erase your drawing by shaking your iPhone, as if it were an etch-a-sketch!
» Sketches 07b4

May 19

Yesterday evening i received a mail from a new developer (Oktay) who’d like me to review his first app. As i promised here’s quick little review for all of you.
iDecide is a fun little toy that takes the decision making out of your hands/heads.
It’s a small toy but it’s graphically well built. I myself am a Libra and sometimes deciding is not the easiest thing for me, so the next time i have a question where i need to have a quick yes or no answer, i can use iDecide.

» iDecide a decision maker toy

May 15

Shake is a new app/game from Artefactoestudio and the goal is to shake the clothes of the models.

The game is a little bit erotic, by shaking your iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll shake the clothes of the models.

Personally i don’t think this is very special, another thing that makes this very non appealing is the fact that you only have 3 levels and then you have to pay.
» Shake (a erotic shaking game)

May 15

When i play Scrabble with my friends, it often happens that they invent words that I know are non-existing.
I never had any way to correct them, so most of the times i would just approve the word.
Not anymore, the next time we play scrabble, i will use my secret weapon !
Dictionary is a mobile bilingual Scrabble dictionary with SOPODS, TWL and US spanish dictionaries.

» Dictionary 1.0 (a scrabble dictionary)

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