Nov 12

Developer Pádraig released a new application called iPhone/ iPod Touch backup extractor. So what does this application do? Well it gives you the option to extract or unzip in another word the iPhone backup files that iTunes creates during the backup process. There’s only 1 problem, the application is only compatible with Mac OS. Hit The break to get the developers information.
» iPhone backup extractor

Nov 10

British developer Jon Wheatley created an interesting tool called Intersquash. The tool allows you to convert any website into an iPhone site. Your iPhone and iPod Touch visitors will automatically be forwarded to an optimized version of your site.
» Intersquash: iPhone-ize Your Website

Nov 07

In a recent interview, Ralph De La Vega, AT&T Mobility CEO, admitted that an official tethering plan which allow you of using the iPhone as a 3G modem for a laptop is on the way “soon”.
» AT&T Official tethering plan coming soon??

Oct 29

After its release in Cydia 2 days ago, SBSettings has been updated to version 0.92, in this latest version there are many bugs that have been fixed. Hit the more button for the changes and screenshots.
» Cydia update – SBSettings 0.92

Oct 15

Zarra Studios announced today the release version 1.1 to iWeb Buddy. iWeb Buddy is a post processor application for iWeb that is designed to bring additional functionality to iWeb that professionals and “pro-sumers” have come to need on their web sites. iWeb Buddy allows the user to add Google Analytics, Social Bookmarking and more to your website automatically. In addition, iWeb Buddy allows you to have multiple domain files in iWeb.
» iWeb Buddy v1.1

Oct 15

We already wrote a article about the app store application Geocaching. De applicatie has now been released into the App Store. GroundSpeak’s Geocaching will give you real-time access to the online database of
» App Store – released Geocaching

Oct 15

Chaotic Box released a new multi-touch color puzzle game called Pinch ‘n Pop in the App Store for $3.99 or 2.99€. The description of the game that’s on the developer website:
» App Store – Pinch ‘n Pop

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