Jun 25

gamebone-proWith the arrival of the iPhone OS 3.0 it is now possible to create external accessories for the iPhone that can be controlled via bluetooth. The GameBone Pro (the shape of a dog bone) is the first bluetooth gamescontroller for the iPhone 3GS, created by the Australian iPhone-softwaredeveloper 22moo. The GameBone Pro can be used wirelessly via bluetooth of with a cable via the iPhone dock-connector. » iPhone 3GS Bluetooth Gamescontroller “GameBone Pro”

Feb 09

google-syncGoogle released a beta version of their service Google Sync for the iPhone which allows you to synchronize the contacts and calendar with your Google account.
» Google Sync (Beta) for the iPhone

Feb 09

xgpsThere have been quite a lot of bug fixes and extra features to the latest version of xGPS. In our previous post we explained the possibilities of this nice navigation software for the iPhone 2G and as xGPS promised the function to plan a route is now available with the iPhone 3G’ s internal GPS.
» Cydia – xGPS 1.2 (bug fixes + voice guidance)

Feb 03

tasks3 Tasks lets you manage your to-do list while you’re on the go. You can create lists of things you need to get done and check off tasks as they’re completed. Just go to http://gmail.com/tasks in your phone’s web browser to access Tasks.
» Google Tasks list on your iPhone

Dec 31

Sidebar and HomeScreen 2.0 are two widgets available in Cydia via the Touch-Mania source. I gave a preview to Sidebar here on 14th December. Basically what it does is shows the analogue version of the time, the current month’s calendar with the current date highlighted and finally the weather. HomeScreen 2.0 shows the date, weather, missed calls, new emails, RSS feeds and more. Read more inside!

» Cydia – Sidebar and HomeScreen 2.0 Widgets

Dec 14

Sidebar is going to be available in Cydia at the end of the year. Basically what it will do is:

  • Show the time in digital format.
  • Show the time in analogue format.
  • Show the full date as: Monday 1. December
  • Show the temperature (weather).

There is going to be 2 versions. One more Vista like and the other more Apple like. Sidebar is being brought to us from the creators of MusicPlayer 8 Colours and SoccerGuide. Screenshot inside.

» Cydia – Sidebar Preview

Dec 11

Pastebud is a new service that allow copy and past text between Safari and Mail but also between webpages. It does not require any application to be installed and works using two bookmarks in Safari.
» Pastebud: Copy & Past between Safari & Mail

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