Jun 23

Safari on the iPhone has a little problem that it doesn’t save usernames and passwords when you have entered them. iRemember fixes this little issue by allowing Safari to save cookies. This is a must have little mod that will save you quite some time when entering usernames and passwords.
» iRemember – Saves your password in iPhone Safari

Jun 20

SharedPod is a cool little app that you can use to manage your music and videos without using iTunes.
SharePod is a lightweight music management program for your iPod. You can copy music and videos between your iPod and computers usually without having to install anything on the computer. The good part is that since version SharePod 3.8.4 Beta2 the iPhone and iPod Touch are supported.
» SharePod supports iPhone and iPod Touch

Jun 18

RepoName received an update to version 1.1b . The biggest changes are in the database, which has been enlarged to +-600 applications. The app is no longer supported by the DavTeam as it no longer exist. Change splash screen since the DavTeam no longer exists. The app is now being developed by the “Non-Existent Dev Team” composed of C0DeR_4_liFe and Spoonforknife.
» RepoName 1.1b – Find the repo for you iPhone applications

Jun 14

Paysage-off is a new tool that will disable the accelerometer when using safari. Basically this means that when you enable paysage-off and you turn your iPhone or iPod touch, the screen will remain in portrait mode. This might be handy when you browse webpages and you are in bed.
» Paysage-off – A iPhone safari accelerometer enabler/disabler

Jun 12

iCheckMail is a new application that will allow you to set the time interval between checking for new mail.
When you start the app all you have to enter is the value in minutes. When you enter 0 the app won’t check automatically. So that means you will need to check your mail manually.
» iCheckMail – Sets the time interval of the mail app on your iPhone

Jun 12

Clear SMS is a new app that will let you delete all of you SMS messages with the press of 1 button. I personally think this app is a little dangerous. The reason for this is when you press the Icon of Clear SMS, it doesn’t give you a warning, it just deletes all of your sms!
» Clear SMS 0.2 – Delete all your iPhone sms by 1 touch

Apr 30

I know that some of you guys where waiting for this one. The review is going to be sooo big.
That’s why i decided to make it a multiple post review.

I do have some remarks. The iPhone Pc suite is very nice, but sometimes it’s still buggy. Install it at your own risk.
Ok let’s start. What can it do for us Windows users?
A lot !!!!
Let’s first start with downloading the app from here or here .

Ready ?
» iPhone pc Suite Monster Review Pt1

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