Apr 24

I already showed you how you can upload and download files to the iPhone via wi-fi connection.
For a recap, click here
Today i have something better, what if you could manage the files via your USB cable??
That would be sweet no ?
Well read on and i’ll show you exactly how….

To get this working, you will need some tools.

» Manage your iPhone files via Usb cable (windows)

Apr 15

Webbapps are nice but they have 1 problem, they aren’t portable .. well untill now :)

There’s a new service out called iwebsaver, it allows you to save any webbapp locally to your iphone, so you can play/use it whenever you feel like it. It also works for sites. Maybee you wan’t to keep a copy of iPhoneFreakz on your iPhone? Well now you can.

I have tested it with everybody’s favorite webapp game bejeweled (well not everybody’s but a lot of people like it :)

Enough chit chat, let me show you how it works.


» Play/use your Webapps (bejeweled) offline

Apr 13

The moment i bought my iPhone, i noticed that the speaker volume isn’t sufficient.
I noticed this the most, when i was outside in a loud environment.
Sometimes i didn’t even hear my iPhone’s ringtone, but not anymore.

After some investigating, i found out, that the iPhone’s speaker is covered with a thin plastic film.
You can’t see this very well with the naked eye, but believe me it is.

The key in increasing the volume is piercing the little holes on the iPhone.

Yes this may sound a little scary, but trust me, it really works !!

So what do you need ?
» Increase the volume of the iPhone speaker

Apr 06

This is a question that pop’s up frequently.

How do you change the slide to unlock txt and power off txt on your iPhone/ Ipod touch.

If you still have firmware lower than 1.1.3, you can use the Customize app in the installer.

However as customize2.0 is still in beta, we have to do this another way :)

But have no fear i’m here to help you.
» How to change the slide to unlock txt on your screen.

Apr 05

I have had some question from people, on how to access the files on their iPhone.

If you wan’t to truly mod your iPhone, you will need to know how this works.

For now, i will only post how to do this via Windows.

1) first of all download WinSCP from here.

2) Install the app like you normally do with other apps.

» Howto upload and download files from you iPhone /iPod touch

Apr 01

I’ve updated the SMS tones in the repository.?

there are now 4 sms tones to chose from.

» Updated SMS tones to the repository

Mar 31

It was less than 24 hours ago that i installed version 2.71 onto my iPhone.

Well Eric Degrange is back with his updated version 2.73 of Ringtones.

The first thing that i notice when running the app, is the new option to skip the checking screen.
The other thing i also noticed is the displaying of free disk space.

According to his forum, some people where asking for this.
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.73 updated

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