Jul 16

Firmware 2.0 has some nice new Safari mobile features. From now on safari supports some sort of youtube plugin. It’s still not possible to view the movies in the browser but now you can see the youtube screenshot and by clicking on the nice arow, it will open our native Youtube iPhone player.
» iPhone Firmware 2.0 safari enhancements

Jul 11

The iPhone 2.0 software has a built-in screen capture shortcut. Hold the “home” button, then press the power/sleep button, and what you seen on the screen has been put in a image in your photos roll.

Jun 12

asVibra 0.1 is a new little app from Andre Sendowski. The app modifies your iPhone so it will vibrate longer when you receive a sms. The app does exactly the same as my old post (make your iPhone vibrate longer), it extends the vibrating of your iPhone when receiving a new txt message.
» asVibra 0.1 and asVibra2 0.1 – Extend the SMS alert vibration

May 16

I promised you guys some days ago that i would make a guide on how to back your iPhone via Windows.

Well i finally had some time to prepare it for you.

Before you start this tutorial, make sure you are running firmware 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 all other versions will not work with iBackup!

1)First download the app from here.
» iBackup the tutorial

May 12

My first tutorial for iPhonefreakz. Today we’re going to show you how to set the interval of automatic server checking from 15 minutes to 1 minute!


– jailbroken iPhone :)
– IMAP account (Google’s the best)
– OpenSSH installed on your phone
– WinSCP installed on your computer

» “Push Email” on Your iPhone – HowTo

May 04

This is a funny and clever way to ‘capture’ your Contacts. Use your iPhone to take pictures of your contacts pressed up against a glass window or door. The photos will look like you have them trapped inside your iPhone! Check out the samples on Stillframe’s photo stream at Flickr. » Trap your contacts inside your iPhone

Apr 27

Some people have asked me how to get an azerty keyboard on their iPhone.
After some digging around i found how to do it.
It’s actually very easy.
There’s one downside to this procedure, the txt correction will be in French.
For the people who really like it, here’s the guide.
» Get azerty keyboard on your iPhone !

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