Jul 31

SynchStep back from installer in 1.1.4 has been updated to 2.0. “SynchStep (Beta) automatically detects how fast your walking, and plays songs from your music library to match your pace.” Read on for more tips and requirements. » Cydia – SynchStep 2.0

Jul 30

Picoli is a fairly new image editing iPhone application. It allows you to place one filter- such as making the picture brighter or sharper- one over another, which can become annoying. On the upside it works really well and can make up for the iPhones 2 megapixel camera. Once you are done editing you can save it back into your camera roll and delete the original if wanted.
» App Store – Picoli

Jul 30

Ill be bringing you the latest iphone news as well as appstore/installer/cydia reviews along with Multinova and Braden. im looking forward to posting on iphonefreakz and bringing everyone the latest stuff there is to offer. If you have a comment or question or app you would like reviewed, post it below or email me at jbdude101@gmail.com.


Jul 27

Hendrik of eidac has figured out a way to stop iTunes from backing up your iPhone on a Windows machine. It’s actually pretty easy to do. Instructions inside. » Windows Users: Disable iTunes backup for faster sync

Jul 27

Many users, including myself, have noticed that the backup that iTunes performs when you sync your iPhone usually takes an enormous time to finish. This can be very inconvenient when all you want to do is sync 1 or 2 applications over. Of course, you can cancel the backup, or you can use this method to disable the backup altogether. » Mac users: Disable iPhone backup for faster sync

Jul 20

As many of you know, the 2.0 firmware has some serious bugs. Many of which cannot be fixed without a software update from Apple; however, some of them can be worked around. Read more for information. » iPhone 2.0 firmware bugs and how to fix them.

Jul 16

Firmware 2.0 has some nice new Safari mobile features. From now on safari supports some sort of youtube plugin. It’s still not possible to view the movies in the browser but now you can see the youtube screenshot and by clicking on the nice arow, it will open our native Youtube iPhone player.
» iPhone Firmware 2.0 safari enhancements

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