Mar 30

When you install a lot of apps like i do, it happens sometimes that your iPhone hangs for a reason.

Whenever this happens to you, it’s not needed to reboot your phone.

Just press and hold the HOME button for approx. 6 seconds, and you will return to your springboard.

Mar 30

Jamendo Ringtones has been one of my fav apps since it got released.? See my previous post about it.

And now it’s even better !!

The Developers have added SMS tone functionality. WOOT WOOT.

I won’t walk you through the full app this time, but i will highlight the changes that have been made.

Let’s go
» Jamendo Ringtones 2.71 now with SMS tones

Mar 30

I haven’t been able to post much as i have been busy with the creation of some SMS tones for the iPhone.

Some days ago friend came by and was complaining about the availability of sms-tones for the iPhone.
I promised him i would start working on it.
And now i can say i finaly figured it out.

The first demo is some star wars droid sound :) It does sound kinda nice. :)
» Custom iPhone SMS tones. (updated 31/3)

Mar 27

This one is not for the faint of heart.

I’lll explain you how you can restore system files if you have corrupted them by installing wrong software.

For this tutorial i won’t post any screenshots, as i really don’t want the casual users to perform this procedure.

For the casual users, it’s safer to perform a system restore via iTunes (tutorial to follow)

Ok here we go.

» Recover corrupt iPhone System Files by decrypting the IPSW files.

Mar 26

I’ve heared a lot of people complain that they can only sync their Playlists to their iPhone or iPod Touch.
Well there’s a simple setting in iTunes that allows you to select the numbers you want to listen to.

1) Connect your iPhone/iPod touch.
2) ? Click on your iPhone/ iPod touch?
3) Go to Summary?
» Drag & Drop music/video’s on your iPhone/iPod Touch

Mar 25

Visual voice-mail is a very nice thing.

It’s a pitty we can’t use it (for now).

However, i already have some people who are asking me what the code is to activate their own voice-mail on the iPhone.

Well this is an very easy thing to accomplish.

» Activate your Voice-mail on your iPhone

Mar 24

I’ve had quite some questions on howto personalize your network name. (the top left where your operator logo is).

There are 2 options for accomplishing this.

1) Hard coding it via SSH (but we’re not going to do this today)

2) Via Make it Mine.

Make it mine is another brainchild of Erica Sadun. It let’s you change your network logo quite easy and without any hassle.

I’ll show you in the screenshots how to do it.

» Personalize your operator/carrier name.

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