Apr 04

We all know Eric Degrange by his superb app ringtones.

Well he’s back and has a new gift for us.
It’s called rWallpaper 1.2.

What it does? You take the Wallpaper application, add automatic changing of wallpaper on a user chosen interval .. and tata you have Rwallpaper.

I”ll explain with screenshots..

» Get random wallpapers with rWallpaper 1.2

Mar 31

You just can’t find your own theme to use with summberboard?
Have a look at the following site
Iphone Theme Maker is a website where you can design your own themes.
» iPhone Theme Maker

Mar 23

I just ran into this site, and had to share it with youpoolga.JPG guys.

So what’s so special about another iPhone/iPod Touch background site?
Let me explain.
» Exclusive Wallpapers?

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