Jul 14

free-iphone-themesI was surfing the web when I found a cool set of free iPhone Themes to chance the interface off your iPhone.

If u are looking for a unique interface just download this Theme pack.
The apple iphone themes set consist 25 themes.
U can upload these free themes into SummerBoard iPhone themes directory and activate it.

Check below for the How to.

» 25 Free IPhone Themes + How to!

Apr 02

totone1ToTone is an application for Windows that allows you to create complete themes for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Application is very simple and easy to use. ToTone covers almost every aspect of theming: wallpaper, icons, the lockscreen, the slider, battery, and all other images.
» Theme Creator: ToTone

Mar 23

pinoysouldPinoySoul is the name of a new theme which is very similar to iNav.The theme is not yet available in cydia, but check out the preview and comments of the creator after the break.
» PinoySoul (Winterboard Theme)

Mar 10

inav_previewiNav is a new winterboard theme that will soon be released in the ModMyi repository, the theme radically changes your iPhone and iPod looks. The release date of the first iNave winterboard beta will probably be 11.03.2009. Hit the break to see some videos of it in action.
» iNav (spectacular winterboard theme)

Dec 19

This theme is awesome! i love it! To me is has a retro, Metallic Theme to it, But it is simply amazing. I got rid of my Illuminated Theme for it, now that tells you how great this is. ;) It is almost a Complete theme, what that means is it not only changes the wallpapers, but some of the apps too, sadly it has no custom icons. :( Pictures inside! » Cydia – Tapir Out of the Blue (Theme)

Dec 09

This theme is Really cool! It has a wooden background With wooden Picture like icons “Hung” on the Wall, now i say that because there is a nail that is on the Picture Frames on the icons. Now for the most part the icons are the same, but some have changed. I have Censored the Carrier Name, not cause its bad or anything, It just says someone’s name :) The theme won’t actually change the Carrier. The other thing that changes is the Slider. It becomes a Wooden arrow. This theme really is worth getting. But as for me, i think I’m gonna stick with the illuminated Theme  The Tutorial on how to get this theme below. (Winterboard is needed) » Cydia – TABLET (Theme)

Dec 04

FontSwap is a Cydia app that basically takes your iPhone’s/iPod Touch’s Default Font and replaces it with a Font of your choice. The one you see in the picture is called NeoTech. Now the only thing i don’t like about this app is that you can’t preview your font before you chose it, you have to install it, then re-spring ,and then you can see it. Overall i think this is worth getting :) To see how to get it read more inside. Photo inside too.
» Cydia – FontSwap

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