Sep 21

Intelliborn released an updated version of IntelliScreen. Intelliscreen 2.1 is now compatible with the iPhone firmware 2.1. In this latest version they have improved some bugfixes and the performance.
IntelliScreen customizes your “Slide to Unlock” screen allowing you to load widgets onto that otherwise unused space. Options include listing calendar events, mail subjects, SMS messages, weather reports and RSS news feeds.
» Cydia – IntelliScreen 2.2

Sep 13

A process has been circling around that enables you to jailbreak your iPhone running the brand new 2.1 firmware. It’s a long process, but it does work. I’ve done it already, and it works great. If you’re willing to do the steps, then proceed inside. » How to jailbreak iPhone firmware 2.1

Sep 12

The 2.1 iPod firmware has a new security feature present. You have the option of making the iPod erase all of it’s data after ten wrong passcodes have been entered. This seems like it would be a great feature, since there are many ways to bypass the security passcode presently and see some personal data such as email, contacts, and text messages, including one that doesn’t even need jailbreaking. » Firmware 2.1 has a data wipe feature after 10 passcode failures

Sep 04

Kate has been available for some time now on firmware 2.0+. Although it was still a beta version. Today Rip-Dev released Kate 2.0. No longer a beta version. Kate 2.0 fixes a all the bugs that where present in the previous version and it also solves the issues with Winterboard.
» Installer – Kate 2.0 released

Sep 03

One of the applications that showed up high in the list of apps to be ported to 2.0 is categories. Well today i have good news. Bigboss released Categories 2.00b via Cydia. For the people who don’t know what Categories is, i’ll explain briefly.
» Cydia – Categories beta released

Sep 02

Sometimes, on applications I download from the App Store, the application icons do not have the normal icon shine, due to the developer choosing not to use the iPhone’s icon editing. Well, most of these icons, I think, would look great with the shine on them, so I figured out a way to change the configuration to where the iPhone edits the icon. Read more for details. » How to get shiny icons for your App Store apps

Aug 28

CToggle is a new application that can be installed via Cydia. It gives you the option to quickly enable or disable the auto-correction function on sms-messages and mail for your chosen language. I know lot of you get really annoyed by this, so finally there’s a solution for this little issue.
» Cydia – CToggle (enable or disable auto-correction)

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