Oct 29

After its release in Cydia 2 days ago, SBSettings has been updated to version 0.92, in this latest version there are many bugs that have been fixed. Hit the more button for the changes and screenshots.
» Cydia update – SBSettings 0.92

Oct 27

SBSettings is a BossPrefs replacement available in Cydia via the BigBoss source. It is a simple app and it doesn’t add an icon to the springboard. All you have to do is swipe the status bar and a box will slide down the screen with info about your iPhone and also thing in which you want to toggle. More info and screenshots inside.

» Cydia – SBSettings

Oct 04

For all of you MobileMe users who are on Windows, Apple has released v.1.2 of the MobileMe control panel. The new version “provides better support for syncing a large number of contacts (more than 2,000) and prevents syncing of data between Microsoft Exchange Server and MobileMe, a configuration that is not supported.” » Apple Updates Window’s MobileMe Control Panel

Oct 02

A new application is now available in Cydia called Backgrounder, which leaves applications running even after you hit the home button. Traditionally, the iPhone will terminate an application after the home button is depressed to return to the home screen. Backgrounder, as the name implies, lets applications run in the background allowing you to return to them in the future. This ability is great for applications such as MobileCase for downloading podcasts in the background while you surf Safari or check Mail, or for instant messaging applications to continue to run like BeeJive. The downside is that your battery life will be quickly depleted.
» Backgrounder Adds True Multi-Tasking

Sep 30

The developer Zotyo release his application statusnotifier into Cydia today. Statusnotifier is a iPhone status bar notifier that will show you iPhone mail, SMS, Call and voicemail notifications in your statusbar. The application is almost the same as taskbarnotifier except for the fact that statusnotifier does run on firmware 2.x.

» Statusnotifier (email, sms, call notifier in the tasbar)- Cydia

Sep 25

Not long ago the application Netshare was released in the App Store. Not very long after, the same application got removed from the app store due to legal issues with AT&T. Another company that was awaiting approvment of their internet sharing app, PdaNet, is June Fabric. June Fabric’s official statement was:
» Cydia – PDANET iPhone (tether your laptop/pc to your iPhone)

Sep 24

Some of the iPhoneFreakz readers may remember the application Stack for the iPhone. Steven Troughton Smith, the developer of Stack, updated his blog with the news that Stack will soon be released in Cydia and it will be compatible with firmware 2.X.
» Cydia – Stack coming for firmware 2.+

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