Feb 16

mcoolphone_ggmCoolPhone is a new app from the makers of mCleaner, mAdvLock, mCaller ID, mCallshow and mSecret. mCoolPhone is a super smart app which helps you use iPhone in a more convenient way.You just shake or flipover iPhone,the incoming call will be accepted or hang up.
» Cydia – mCoolPhone

Feb 12

witsmsiPhone users in Portugal are among the first to receive a iPhone MMS application. Wit Software follows in the footsteps of Mobispine who already released their iPhone MMS application in the scandinavian market by request of the finnish operator Telia. Wit Software on the other hand got it’s MMS application certified by Apple and will start to offer it as a first in Portugal.
» App Store – Offical iPhone MMS application release (portugal)

Feb 11

doubletap-springboardTapSB is a new mod soon to be released in Cydia. It will feature a quick way to switch your springboard pages. According to the screenshot released it will work quite the same way as Safari and the image app. How does it work?
» Cydia – TapSB (new mod to give you 6 springboards on 1 page)

Feb 04

bitesms-deviceBiteSMS 3.0 has been released on beta on the official Cydia repository of BiteSMS. BiteSMS 3.0 is slowly becoming the de-facto replacement SMS stock application on your iPhone. It has a ton of features like, landscape SMS, Emoticons, links (http) recognition and so on. To top that all if you like to send cheap sms’es you can buy bunndle packs from the BiteSMS website for low rates. However, there’s a small thing that has been changed since the new release. The SMS application will no longer be free to use. Starting from 24 february 2009 you will have to pay a small fee to keep using it after your trial period has ended (20-days).
» BiteSMS 3.0 beta released. A ton of new functions! + no longer free!

Dec 31

Sidebar and HomeScreen 2.0 are two widgets available in Cydia via the Touch-Mania source. I gave a preview to Sidebar here on 14th December. Basically what it does is shows the analogue version of the time, the current month’s calendar with the current date highlighted and finally the weather. HomeScreen 2.0 shows the date, weather, missed calls, new emails, RSS feeds and more. Read more inside!

» Cydia – Sidebar and HomeScreen 2.0 Widgets

Dec 14

Sidebar is going to be available in Cydia at the end of the year. Basically what it will do is:

  • Show the time in digital format.
  • Show the time in analogue format.
  • Show the full date as: Monday 1. December
  • Show the temperature (weather).

There is going to be 2 versions. One more Vista like and the other more Apple like. Sidebar is being brought to us from the creators of MusicPlayer 8 Colours and SoccerGuide. Screenshot inside.

» Cydia – Sidebar Preview

Dec 04

FontSwap is a Cydia app that├é basically├é takes your iPhone’s/iPod Touch’s Default Font and replaces it with a Font of your choice. The one you see in the picture is called NeoTech. Now the only thing i don’t like about this app is that you can’t preview your font before you chose it, you have to install it, then re-spring ,and then you can see it. Overall i think this is worth getting :) To see how to get it read more inside. Photo inside too.
» Cydia – FontSwap

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