May 04

One of the most loved developers for the iPhone must be Skrew. He is the brain behind killer app’s like Ringtones and vWallpaper.
As the list of app’s is growing, skrew decided to put all common code needed for his app’s in 1 application.
The result of that code can now be found in the installer under the name SkrewCommon.

Ps: To use Ringtones and/or vWallpaper, you really need this, it’s not an optional installtion.
» SkrewCommon (common code needed for Vwallpaper, ringtones and iToday)

May 02

iAlert is a new app from a new Zealand development group.
The app is doing something that the iPhone should standard have, it plays a mp3 every 5 minutes for any missed call or sms.
It’s currently on version 0.2 and it has some bugs.
– It only works on firmware 1.1.3 and 1.1.4.
– When you’re iPhone goes in sleep mode, the alert doesn’t sound.

The app looks promising, but as for now you can’t do very much with it if you’re phone is going into sleep mode.
» iAlert (plays a sound every 5 minutes for a missed sms or call)

Apr 30

There has been some rumoring about a anti virus app for the iPhone and iPod Touch from McAfee.
I’ve been following the discussion and some say it’s real and other say it’s fake.
I know that kapersky is already working on a good anti virus solution for our beloved devices, but i haven’ heard anything from McAfee yet.

Nevertheless, i found a new repo that supposedly contains 2 apps from MacAfee.
One program is the Antivirus and the other is McAfee Stinger.

I haven’t installed them so i can’t show you the full information.
However i can show 2 screenshots and give you the repository.
» McAfee for your iPhone . (updated)

Apr 26

One off the questions i hear the most with new iPhone users is, how can we delete individual call entries and sms entries? .

The apple apps don’t support these simple yet needed functions, so today i decided to write a little tool on how to get these functions on your iPhone.

The tool that we are going to install is called WeTool, it let’s you do the following;

-Delete indivudual call history logs.

-Delete individual sms messages

-Send a contact number via sms.

– Save a sms as a notepad file
» Manage your SMS and Calls logs with WeTool 0.3.9

Apr 21

BossPrefs 1.67 just appeared into my installer.

The developers are releasing updates almost every day, i’ve just written a couple of reviews .. see here and here.

so what are the new options the app brings us ..
» Bossprefss 1.67 and 1.66 updates

Apr 20

BossPrefs 1.66 just appeared into my installer.

It seems like the developers are releasing update almost every day, i’ve just written a review a few days ago .. see here and here.

so what are the new options the app brings us ..
» BossPrefs 1.66

Apr 19

I came across this new app to backup your iPhone for windows.

It’s called SAFi (Super Archiver For iPhone) and enables you to:

– imports-exports contacts, sms, call history, notes, calendar
– show,group by,filter
-export them to excel,xml, html etc..
-ringtone studio, convert and upload, download, delete ringtone for iphone

The devloper is also preparing to add a lot of other features:

i will implement these:
– change/edit contents of sms, contacts etc
– import contacts from cvs, excel, text file
– backup of synced pictures (i wrote something but not inserted in this release)
– backup of camera image
» Backup your iPhone with Super Archiver for iPhone (SAFI)

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