May 15

iLog 1.1.0

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iLog has been updated to version 1.1.0.
Ilog is an enhanced version of the recent call manager of your iPhone. It allows you to delete individual call and sms logs.
It also allows you to group your calls.
The new version brings some very nice features that apple should have included in there standard os.
What’s new:
Integration into the recents screen in Mobile Phone app (only full version)
Allowing for notification of missed calls and SMS (every x minutes) only vibrate though, no sound;
You can select what time period you’d like to receive those notifications
Export your data into csv file
Delete al your call data and sms by 1 button
» iLog 1.1.0

May 14

I found a cool utitility to backup your iPhone’s applications, application data, and photos.
This app will really help me when i need to restore again.
The application currently works only with firmware 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 iPhones and iPod touches and it does require you to have jailbroken your iPhone.
To use the backup, download it onto your PC, run the iBackup.msi, install it, and you can either run the program from your desktop, or through your Start Menu.
» iBackup (backup your iphone from Windows)

May 13

In my previous post i already briefly mentioned iToday.
so here is the first look on iToday.

Itoday is a application that will give you lot’s of information on your lock screen. It’s kinda the same as Kate (for which i’m writing a big review but it won’t be out untill later this week).
iToday display informations like missed call/sms, meteo and birthday and Video …
» iToday 0.1 (update with Weather icon)

May 12

Skrew the developer who brought us killer app’s like Ringtones and vWallpaper has updated his common coded to version 1.2

What are the changes ?
» SkrewCommon 1.2

May 12

BiteSMS 1.11

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BiteSMS has been updated to version 1.11 today and 1.10 yesterday.

For a full review check this post.
There are no visual changes but some bugfixes.
The bugfixes are :
» BiteSMS 1.11

May 07

BiteSMS is an application that recently was released on the installer but it got quickly removed due to there website problems.
Today Bitesms popped up again on the installer so it’s time for me to quickly review the app and inform you what it is.
BiteSMS is a replacement sms application that can send sms’es via the internet at very cheap rates. About 0.06€ /sms, and this world wide.
The developers that made bitesms looked very good at the native sms sending app, cause the only difference between them is a button where you can select to send via the BiteSMS connection or via your normal carrier.
» Cheaper sms with biteSMS

May 07

Jason Kit is actually a old app named iLM renamed.
The app let’s you swap between several maps and your installer sources.
I already discussed a application that let’s you backup your maps and switch between them. It was called maps offline and you can read the original post here.

What’s the big difference about maps offline and Jason Kit?
» Swap maps cache and installer sources with Jason Kit1.0b1

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