May 27


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Iwake is no longer available, due to the developer stealing the code from the original creators.
Please use insomnia if you need a application like this.
iAwake is a new tool that keeps your EDGE/WiFi connection on while the screen is turned off.
Why do you need a app like this?
Easy, this app let’s you save some battery when you are downloading movies (MxTube) or music(iSlsK), it achieves this by not using the screen and letting the apps work in the background.

» iAwake2

May 24

I already wrote some things about FileBrowser the brainchild of Stephan Bayer.
It seems like he’s working day and night on this app…

Today i found version 1.7 (1.6) in the installer and it really adds a lot of new functions since my last review, it even add a txt editor, just like I requested in my previous post :)

You can set permissions, copy, unZip, paste and delete files. Edit and create txt documents. E-mail files from on your iPhone.

» FileBrowser 1.7 (how to)

May 24

iToday and SkrewCommon got another update today.
SkrewCommon is not at version 1.33Â 1.34 and iToday at version 0.4

Changelog for SkrewCommon 1.34

– iTdoay: Coreect time display in events.
– iToday: Don’t play video if iTunes have music playing. Â
– Support for iToday 0.4

» iToday 0.4 (updated)

May 22

iToday 0.3

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Another day another update to iToday.
Skrew updated his app to version 0.3. Personally i think the app is starting to blend very well with the default iPhone/iPod look..
The changelog this time doesn’t add much new features except for the theming (nice!) and the correct birthday date!
full changelog :
» iToday 0.3

May 19

Installer got an update to version 3.11 today.

AppTapp and Ripdev have included some beautifull new features.
Let me list the new features:

-the ability to refresh only 1 source instead of all your sources (thanks guys !)
– a quick restart of your SpringBoard without Locking your Screen 1.1.3
– A more infor tab for the sources
– Russian localization thanks to RiP Dev (alexxb5)
– The repository is no longer stored in the cache.
– Uninstall has a search function
» Installer 3.11 upgrade released !

May 18

Firmwarechanger is a new app released onto the BigBoss repository.
It let’s you change the reported firmware version. This app does not change your firmware version.
It only changes the plist file where the version of your firmware is written down.
This can be handy if you need to install an app on firmware 1.4 that officially was written for version 1.3.
This way you can fool the app that it’s having the correct firmware.
» FWChanger 2.1

May 18

Eric Degrange released an update to his SkrewCommon and iToday.

The changes in SkrewCommon are :


– Woops shame! Video for vWallpaper was hardcoded. Fixed! :)

– Rewrited from scratch.
– Autolock removed for this version (code rewrited).
– Add functionnality to iToday.
» SkrewCommon 1.31 + iToday 0.2

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