Jun 06

I missed this update in the installer. BiteSMS has been updated to version 1.15. The current changes are not that much. The developers have added french and german translations. They’ve changed the display order of SMS’S to match that of the native SMS app. Fixed bug where credit voucher SMS was not accredited correctly. Fixed bug where SMS text containing ‘>’ and ‘<’ could cause biteSMS to exit.
» BiteSMS 1.15 – Cheap SMS client for the iPhone

Jun 05

TapSearch is a new very cool contacts replacement app. The utility is the brainchild from developer Dror Rejuan and it will let you search your contacts. It’s the firmware 2.0 feature now. Until then we can use this utility to quickly search and find our contacts.
» Tapsearch – search your iPhone contacts

Jun 04

Sipgate is another VoIP client for your iPhone much like Fring but then again not quite. The difference between Sipgate is the fact that you can call any number directly from the app without have extra accounts. So to use this app, you won’t need a skype or any other subscription based service. You can use sipgate to place and receive calls over Wi-Fi using any SIP-based VoIP-service. And the best off all is the fact that you receive 111 minutes for free.
» Sipgate – Free native voip iphone client

Jun 03

MCleaner is a firewall software (much like iblacklist and pysl) , which can reject the incoming call and SMS, and offer iPhone users an overall safety solution. MCleaner is powerful mobile phone firewall software, which is capable of not only shielding phone calls but also rejecting SMS. The set-up is very simple, and you will get rid of all the unwanted incoming calls and SMS. » MCleaner 1.4rc1 – Block calls and SMS texts on your iPhone

Jun 01

iPhoneBrowser is a windows based file browser for your iPhone. It features drag and drop uploading to our phone, automatic and manual backups of files on your phone, previews of text and picture files and very cool icons. Why do you need another file management solution for your device? Because this one is very easy to use. The app features direct shortcuts to all your folders you need the most when modding your iPhone. It let’s you go directly to your ringtones, uisounds, springboard images and settings, summerboard themes, standard applications, third-party applications, camera roll and your fonts.
» Backup any iPhone or iPod (music) file with FileBrowser

May 29

SkySMS 1.0.6

iPhone System3 Comments »      Chris Eissens

SkySMS is a new Xwaves open source application that let’s you send sms’es via internet sms providers.
So what’s the advantage ?? Sms sending from the internet is cheap, very cheap or even free.
At the time of writing, the following are provders are supported, Freecall, DFI, VoipBuster, Justvoip, Orange CH, Hispeed, Swisscom Xtra-Zone, Vyke, Low Rate VoIP, VoIP cheap, VoIP discount, VoIP Stunt en Zyke KW.
For ex, if you have a voipbuster account, you are allowed to send 5 free sms each day, each sms after those 5 is sended at a very low price.
You can even create your own provider-scripts. When a provider allows sms’s to be send via HTTP then you can take one of the example scripts (located at: /Applications/SkySMS.app/accounts)

» SkySMS 1.0.6

May 27

BiteSMS 1.14

iPhone SystemNo Comments »      Chris Eissens

BitSMS is a app that let’s you send sms’es for very cheap prices.
Version 1.14 got released and the updates are the following:
* **Forwarding**: right swipe any message conversation bubble to forward it!!!
* Improved scrolling of text field when entering or editing a message.
* Ensures that auto correction word is always visible.
* Support credit voucher SMS delivery to China.
* Changed 3 retries to 2 when sending via biteSMS, and improved information text when offering to switch to Mobile Carrier.
» BiteSMS 1.14

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